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April 2011

Upcoming Events

04/13, 6:30 P.M. - "Punch Me" Movie Premiere @ William Way Center ($5)
4/21, 6:30 P.M.  - "Oldies Spring Fling" @ Temptations Banquet Facilty ($10)

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You can support Bebashi in its mission of education, asssistance, and prevention as it relates to HIV/AIDS!


* Make a monetary donation via mail, online, or in person.


* Join or support Team #10 for the AIDS Walk.


* Host a canned food drive at home, work, or church.


* Donate a used cell phone or have a cell phone drive.


* Donate a used car to Cars4Causes. Visit www.bebashi.org, or call 1-800-766-2273.


* Use GoodSearch as your search engine to make purchases online. Visit http://www.goodsearch.com, and Bebashi will receive a donation for every search or purchase. Be sure you select Bebashi as the charity.


* Become a Bebashi volunteer. Call 215-769-3561.


* eBay Giving Works is an easy, effective way to show your support for Bebashi. The next time you're buying or selling on eBay.com, give it a try.

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This is not a gay mens' disease. This is a worldwide epidemic, and each of us has a responsibility to take a stance. What will yours be?



Did you know that in Philadelphia...


* 1 in 50 African-American adolescents and adults are living with HIV

* 55% of new cases are the result of heterosexual sex

* Over 70% of new cases in women are among African-Americans

* 15% of new cases are among individuals ages 13 - 24


Many people are familiar with the devestating impact that HIV has had across the nation and even around the world. However, the detrimental effects which it often has on lower class, urban areas is often overlooked. For over a quarter century now, Bebashi has been working diligently to combat the HIV epidemic and raise awareness about sexual health issues. In 26 years, we have served over a half million individuals, and now we need your help to make that number one million. This tax season, consider giving back to your community by making a tax deductible gift to Bebashi. Whether it is to increase our educational outreach, stock our food pantry, or engage our youth, each and every financial gift  is appreciated. Moreover, 90% of each gift goes directly to our programs. Even though the topic of AIDS still seems to be taboo, the reality is that it effects all of us in one way or another. For this reason, we all have a responsibility to take a stance in combatting this epidemic. We hope that you will join us, so that together we may step up to this challenge.



The Bebashi Staff



Philadelphia Premiere of "Punch Me" 

April 13th, 6:30 P.M. @

William Way Community Center, 1315 Spruce St.


Join Bebashi this month as we host the Philadelphia premiere of the award winning film, "Punch Me".  With a romance that is on the rocks and his father on his sick bed, a young man must accept his true identity before he loses the two people he loves most. This is the premise behind the new award-winning film, "Punch Me", a project which stars Robert X. Golphin (Denzel Washington's "The Great Debaters"), Brian Anthony Wilson (HBO's "The Wire"), and newcomer & award-recognized Elwood Idris Simon. "Punch Me" emerges amid the tragic suicides of several teenagers in the United States as a result of homophobic bullying. It features important messages regarding self, parental, and societal acceptance. "Punch Me" has been officially selected by multiple film festivals and will be seen in the U.S. and abroad. Audiences have called "Punch Me" and the performances in it: "emotional", "powerful", and "moving". "Punch Me" has been officially selected by multiple film festivals and will be seen in the U.S. and abroad.


Following the screening, there will be a panel discussion featuring the cast and moderated by Christopher Hayes. We hope that you will attend this enlightening and eye opening event. Please come with an open mind and questions. We look forward to seeing you there.


(Tickets are only $5, and refreshments are included. Please call 215-769-3561 x 132 for more info.)



Odlies Spring Fling 

April 21st , 6:30 P.M. @

Temptations Banquet Facility, 220 W. Chelten Ave.


We can party on Thursday... because Friday is a Holiday! Join us for Bebashi's Oldies Spring Fling at Blue Lights in the Basement. The party will feature Bop, Cha-Cha, Line Dance and Freestyle! Dress is casual: NO WORK BOOTS OR SNEAKERS.


Tickets are only $10 and must be purchased in advance. Please call 215-769-3561 x 132 for more info.)





A True Hero:

from Fighting for His Country 

to Fighting for His Life




"I wasn't having sex with the guys on the military base because that would have put me out there and jeopardized my being able to get an honorable discharge. I didn't want this because I had gone through too much to get there. So I would go to the bath houses on my breaks and go buck wild. I think that put me more at risk."




Raymond is a long term member of the Bebashi family and support group attendee. He has been living with HIV for nearly three decades. While serving in the military overseas in Germany, Raymond was engaging in unprotected sex. As a gay male, he chose to frequent the bathhouses of Germany rather than risk being dishonorably discharged if caught having sex with other men serving along with him. He believes that his choices led to his current circumstance.


In September of 1982, Raymond was diagnosed with HIV. Not only was he confused  by this news - having always believed that AIDS was a white, gay males' disease - but he also found himself in a state of denial. He experienced a period of anger and depression, as he struggled with feelings of embarassment and isolation. It took him almost ten years to finally come to terms with his condition. When he came to grips with it, he explained the disappointment that he felt in witnessing a sense apathy among the African-American community. He said that there was a lack of advocacy for treatment and other forms of assistance which people so desperately needed.

Today Raymond is active in dealing with his diagnosis. He works with his case manager, follows his regimen, and attends support groups at Bebashi to make sure that he is up to date with the latest information. He also says that he enjoys being around other clients at Bebashi because he feels that he fits in among  people whom he can relate to physically, emotionally, and ethnically. Raymond has accepted that his diagnosis is no death sentence, and he wakes up planning to take things one step and one day at a time. Most importantly, he hopes to educate others along the way and engage them in the movement.

As we enter our 26th year of service, we ask for your continued support. Please help us to keep touching the lives of individuals like Raymond. To find out ways in which you can help, please call our office at 215-765-3561 or visit our website at


Thank you.


Project  2011 

Black Family 

Project 2011 focuses on all members of our families. Our objective is to provide important services to men, women, children, and seniors in a variety of ways.


Our goals are:

- Provide HIV testing for 2,011 people

- Provide education on HIV, STI's, and Breast Cancer

- Provide linkages to Clinical Breast Exams and


- Provide education and counseling to youth on HIV & STI's

- Provide food for hungry persons and families

- Provide children and families affected by HIV/AIDS

   with school supplies, toys, and basic needs

 - Provide assistance via medical case management and 

   support  groups.    



Bebashi - Transition to Hope

was founded in 1985 in response to the increasing incidence of HIV/AIDS in the African American community of Philadelphia. We are a full-service HIV/AIDS case management agency with a special interest in serving low-income people of color with HIV disease. Our mission is to provide culturally sensitive health related information, direct service, research, and technical assistance to the urban community. Our programs are designed to meet the needs of the underserved community and our educational efforts focus on street outreach to areas of the community most in need of prevention information and direct care services to those who are least likely to receive it. Since 1985 we have provided services to over 600,000 individuals!


Deena Weems Thornton 

Bebashi - Transition to Hope