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January 2020 Issue
This Month at BEDC / The Highlights
Lunch & Learn! EEZ Concessions & New
Startups Payroll Tax Relief
BEDC saw a full room of entrepreneurs, business owners and members of the general public attend this lunch and learn session on Wednesday, January 29th. Attendees were eager to learn, and had lots of questions about obtaining concessions and receiving payroll tax relief.
The Netpreneur
is the Nextpreneur
Seminar Sells Out!
Future entrepreneurs from all walks of life gathered at the Bermuda Society of Arts on Wednesday, January 15th to learn all about how to become a Netpreneur. Guests were welcomed to a discussion led by a panel of entrepreneurs with experience running their businesses in a digital society. The discussion was great and attendees left informed and wanting a part two!
8 Entrepreneurs Graduate from the Enterprise Bermuda Incubator Programme!
The 2nd Cohort of the Enterprise Bermuda Incubator has officially graduated and are on their way to building new, innovative, and unique businesses in Bermuda's Economy. We wish them all the best and much success and prosperity in their futures. Graduates include: Carl Vincent & Leanne Evans of Drop It Delivery, Sandra Dill of Edcellerate, Lakeisha Wolffe of A New Life, Arianna Hodsgon of Pink Onion, Nadia Laws of Media Maven, Kim Caisey of Kim's List, Marquis Caines of Aye Yo! Bermuda and Fiona Douglas of Care Connect.
A New Set of Budding Entrepreneurs Gear Up
For EBI 2020!
BEDC is ready to welcome in the next cohort of entrepreneurs to the Enterprise Bermuda Incubator Programme! Eight successful applicants have been chosen to the 3rd cohort of the programme and are set to begin on Monday, February 3rd. They will spend a year at BEDC learning and developing their businesses for both the local and international market. BEDC would like to officially welcome them to the programme. Participating in the 3rd EBI Cohort is Kori Hypolite, Zallika Millet, Tyun Smith-Ming, Jana Outerbridge, Gwendolyn Creary, Adam Johnson, Marcelle Lawrence and Ranae Bean.
The Future is
Looking Bright for those Interested in Cooperatives!
On Wednesday, January 29th, BEDC held an info session for members of the public interested in taking part in Bermuda's first ever Co-op Pitch Competition. A good handful of guests shuffled into BEDC's training room ready to learn and full of questions. The Economic and Cooperative Development Team were on hand to help guide those in attendance and encourage participation in the upcoming Pitch Competition.
Things You Should Know
3-Part Co-Op
Power Workshop

Participate in this immersive learning opportunity, to learn the foundations of a co-op; how a co-op differs from a traditional business; the benefits of
starting a co-op and community 
impact opportunities. Please note, if interested in entering the Co-op Pitch Competition, at least one member of your team must attend this workshop.
Family Business Article
Creating Your Team - Are You a Founder or a Leader?

When we start out in our family businesses, we know all the answers and seldom seek advice. We keep strategy in our heads and rarely see a need to share it with others. Family members are managing their own areas of responsibility with little...

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Partnerships & Opportunities
Request for Proposal:
Commercial Kitchen Program
BEDC is requesting proposals from qualified service providers to provide a planned approach and execution timeline to identify Department of Health approved underutilized commercial kitchen facility owners that desire to rent their kitchen’s down-time periods to BEDC approved public/community users.  Vendor proposals must be submitted by 5pm Friday February 14th, 2020.

Following the link below to view the Full RFP.
Think Like an Entrepreneur
Multi-Week Course

This eight week course is driven by the internationally recognized, award winning, Ice House Entrepreneurship Programme. The entrepreneurship programme provides a challenging learning experience and is designed to reveal new opportunities, ignite one’s ambition, and foster the skills that will empower individuals to reach new heights as an entrepreneur. Ice House draws on eight fundamental concepts that can empower anyone to succeed. 
Request for Proposal:
Cooperative Legislation for Bermuda
BEDC is requesting proposals from qualified legal persons and firms to research and develop a legal policy on cooperatives leading to the creation of cooperative legislation for Bermuda so that cooperatives can be considered by entrepreneurs, companies, and business owners as a viable business model and legal structure for their enterprises. Vendor proposals must be submitted by 5pm Friday February 28th, 2020.

Following the link below to view the Full RFP.