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October 2021 Issue
This Month at BEDC / The Highlights
Supply Chain Attack! What it Means for Your Business
Attendees joined Brett Henshilwood, Partner at Deloitte Bermuda, where he broke down supply chain attacks and what it means for small business. A supply chain attack is a cyber-attack that aims to damage an organization by targeting less-secure elements in its supply chain. Globally, supply chain attacks have targeted various industries such as the public sector, the banking sector, and others.
3 Steps to Becoming a Video Pro with Mikaela Ian
Attendees joined Mikaela Ian for a live masterclass to teach them top secrets to feeling like a pro on camera every single time!
They learned: the one thing you need to do to be good on camera; the biggest obstacle in your way of being a video pro; where to focus your energy to create pro looking videos; and
how to improve your on camera presence.
2021 Youth Pitch Competition
Attendees joined tuned in for our virtual youth pitch competition. Entrepreneurs, 18 years or younger, pitched their business ideas in the hopes to move to the Rocket Pitch Competition. Although all pitchers should be commended on taking that leap of faith, we could only have two winners, who were:
Marli Spriggs - BookSpace
Vincent Darrell - Pressure 'til We Perish

Our other amazing young entrepreneurs that participated include: Christianna Warren - Tree Frog Tackle, Audley Millings - Audley's Drain & Sewer Inspections, Marseille Williams & Nadia DeSousa - Blue Ribbon & Co. and Amiya Bean - Island Girl Journals
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Entrepreneur Article
How to Leverage Coaches to Grow Your Business

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. When it comes to hiring a business coach, finding a mentor or asking professionals for advice, small-business owners have a plethora of options. Business knowledge can be obtained...

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BEDC How-To Guides
Are you looking to start a business in Bermuda but don't know where to begin? Let our How-To Guides help you! BEDC has curated a host of industry specific guides that outline specific information, requirements and the necessary processes for getting your business off the ground.
COVID-19 Loan & Grant
This funding is to provide support to businesses to assist them with covering immediate necessary business expenses like payroll, rent and other mandatory costs associated with operating that have been impacted as a result of Covid-19.
Upcoming Webinars & Events
Rocket Pitch Competition: Tune In & Show Your Support!
This Island-wide business plan competition is a chance for emerging entrepreneurs to submit a plan to launch an enterprise providing products or services to both local and global challenges of any type.

Tune in to watch 12 amazing businesses, over 6 pitch categories, pitch their business ideas to a panel of judges in the hopes to win $5000 + a startup services package!
BEDC Business Awards:
Get Your Tickets!
You can now purchase tickets for the BEDC Business Awards! ⁠Bermudian entertainer and personality, Mr. Fotogenik, will be hosting the 5th Annual BEDC Business Awards this year. Along with a great line up of entertainment, top business awards, and must have swag curated by BEDC and Local Bermudian Vendors, it's going to be a great night!
Last day to nominate a business is October 30! Follow the link below to Nominate now!
Women's Entrepreneurship
Day Conference
Join us for a day of Inspiration, Empowerment, Inclusion and Elevation in celebration of Women in Entrepreneurship. Enjoy a dynamic virtual conference that will have you engaged, learning, and entertained. The conference will include international and local speakers, workshops, an all female vendor market, a pitch competition, food, and must have swag!
Happening in the Community
Learn More About The 
WeHealth Bermuda App
To aid Bermuda in closely monitoring the local developments of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), the Government has launched WeHealth Bermuda, a new, free smartphone application that provides anonymous COVID-19 exposure notifications. It is one of the most sophisticated apps available anywhere in the world for helping to control the spread of COVID-19.

Download the WeHealth Bermuda app in either the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.
The Profit Freedom
Virtual Conference
Fusion 4 Business is bringing together entrepreneurs, small business owners, speakers, authors, those aspiring to be in business and those who just want to learn more about the concept of Profit Freedom.

The featured panel of business owners includes Dr Kyjuan Brown, founder of Northshore Medical and Aesthetics Centre; Dr Aleesha Maybury, owner of DaVinci Dental; Britanni Butterworth, the director of Chatmore British International School; as well as a representative from ER Fisheries.
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How To Create A Pitch That Gets Attention From Investors

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