16 April 2018

Our Principal Mrs. Becker, top, introduces the Math Bee contestants from our 8th, 7th and 6th grade Math classes.  Bottom left, the winners: from left, first place, Zacarias, 6th grade; second place, Augusto, 8th grade; third place Daniel, 7th grade;  and Math teacher Miss Deanna Giovinco.  Bottom right, the contestants from every grade.  Each won a preliminary Math Bee in their own Math class.
Greetings from Mr. Gault

Greetings and blessings to all this glorious Easter Season!
The afternoon of Friday, 13 April all of the students gathered in the gymnasium for the finals of the school wide Math Bee. Finalists were challenged to solve a variety of math problems that included addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. No pen or paper, no calculators, all problems were solved using good old fashioned brain power. First place went to Zacarias in sixth grade, second to Augusto in eighth grade and third place to Daniel in sixth grade. Congratulations and good luck as they represent our school at the Math Bee sponsored by Kellenberg Memorial High School.  See pictures above.

During the first weeks of April Dr. Kevin Sheehan and his fifth-year students from Molloy College's education program are working with the fifth-grade students on using and citing facts from primary source documents. This program is building a bridge between college lessons and the real-life experience of teaching. The hope is that this will provide proof that fifth-grade students are capable of critical thinking in relation to historical documents. Once again our students have risen to meet the challenge.  This past Friday morning, April 13, the students presented dramatic re-creations  from the documents studied.  See pictures below .
On Wednesday, 11 April, Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Rader came for their annual visit in order to share with the eighth-grade Mr. Rader's experience as a prisoner of war during World War II. Through the use of primary source material, he recounts the heroic efforts of Andrew Hodges, an American Red Cross Captain, in orchestrating the exchange of 149 Allied and German prisoners of war. As always the students were mesmerized as Mr. and Mrs. Rader recounted the heroics of our World War II veterans.  See pictures bottom.
May each of you be blessed with joy and hope in the risen Lord!

William L. Gault
Executive Director
Our 5th grade Social Studies class works with Molloy
 Professor Kevin Sheehan, student teachers and primary source materials 
to learn about and recreate important events i n Mexican history.

Learning about history and sacrifice from Mr. Bernard Rader, and his wife, June, as they recount the tale of Mr. Rader's time as a WWII POW.

Week of 9 April

Word of the Week - oscillate (v.) - to move or change repeatedly from one position to another; to swing from side to side.

Gentleman of the Week - Augusto, 8th Grade
Writer of the Week - Frank, 5th Grade
Artist of the Week - Kelvin, 5th Grade
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