Tales From the Magician's Skull  is a  printed  fantasy magazine dedicated to presenting all-new sword-and-sorcery fiction by the finest modern crafters in the genre. These stories are  the real thing , crammed with sword-swinging action, dark sorceries, dread, and ferocious monsters -- and they hurtle forward at a headlong pace.

Issue #1 is complete and ready for printing. It is brimming with 72 pages and contains 7 stories, each featuring a full page black-and-white illustration. When appropriate to the tale, maps to terrifying tombs and sinister lairs are included as well. Each story has been written, edited, illustrated, and laid out in classic pulp magazine format. A bonus section translates elements from each story - creatures, magic items, and more - into Dungeon Crawl Classics game terms.

Action! Adventure! And a year’s supply of car wax! 

That can only be one game: Xcrawl . And there is now a chance for you to help bring the game to the big screen! An Indiegogo campaign has launched to craft a Pitch-Vis, a sort of pre-movie that would potentially help to sell the film to studios and truly let Xcrawl reach its full potential. 

Xcrawl creator Brendan LaSalle has co-written a script with "Tower of Joy" producer Paul Suda, and teamed up with director Seamus George and production coordinator Morgan Walker to bring Xcrawl to the big screen, but they need your help. This is NOT a Goodman Games project, but our love of Brendan and Xcrawl are enough to help the cause.

It’s the spookiest, and some would say best, time of the year! And we are here to help get you into the mood: The new  DCC Halloween Module 2017: Shadow Under Devil’s Reef , now available in both PDF format and a print+PDF bundle.

Shadow Under Devil’s Reef  takes your players through a raging storm around Devil’s Reef that is nigh-impossible to navigate safely, and has them trying to save Princess Kaeko from faraway Fu-Lamia. If they rescue her, unimaginable wealth awaits, but the strange frog-like monsters who have washed ashore closely resemble the crew of her ship, The Royal Dawn. Leaving them to wonder what horrors await them on this isolated island?

Let your fear rise. The nightmare is all around you, so give in to it. Pick up your copy of  DCC 2017 Halloween Module: Shadow Under Devil’s Reef  print + PDF bundle today, and let the holiday of horror begin!
One of my favorite aspects of  Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG  is its adaptability. From the flourishing zine community that has produced annals of supplemental content, to the fantastic innovation on display annually at Doug Kon, it thrives in the hands of the players and judges who take the system and overlay their imaginations onto it…
For the first time, the core artists behind the  Dungeon Crawl Classics  look and feel were all together in one place at  Gen Con 2017 . Pictured above we have, left to right,  Doug Kovacs Brad McDevitt Stefan Poag William McAusland  and  Peter Mullen —with of course Chuck Plimpton looking on from behind…
“You are The Cursed – remnants of life in a universe of decay. Cannibalistic parasites, you suck a meager existence from the corpse of a long dead reality. No names, no races, your only goal to dig deeper into the earth to escape the rays of the Black Sun that will eventually extinguish what little remains…”
“What happens when a demon dies? Oozing, scalding, deathblood floods the land, cursing it forevermore. Every seventeen years, the blood moon rises and the Fog Beast beckons villagers into the Shrouded Fen; those that follow never return. Now you have been chosen! Seeking ancient ruins, vast treasure, and arcane lore, you plunge deep into the mist-laden swamp. Plants impale corpses ravaged by man-eating birds, while specters of past victims roam the blood-cursed land. A mysterious floating portal defies entry, though the bog’s hidden artifacts are rumored to provide the key. Can you solve the riddles of the swamp and escape from the Shrouded Fen?”
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