BEI News, December 2017
BEI Works to Commercialize Autothermal Pyrolysis

Autothermal pyrolysis
Autothermal pyrolysis with process intensification is BEI's latest breakthrough in thermal deconstruction of biomass into biofuels and biochemicals. BEI is developing the basic technology and is working to demonstrate it on a commercial scale.
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Carbon negative
Researchers from Iowa State University are part of a "New Carbon Economy" consortium launched by the Center for Carbon Removal in partnership with several research institutions. The initiative has the goal of removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and converting it into valuable products and services. 

_PHOTO_Control system
Iowa manufacturers now have improved access to future advancements in chemical and biochemical manufacturing because of a new grant awarded to Iowa State University's Center for Industrial Research and Service (CIRAS) and the Bioeconomy Institute.

Art competition winner

Wood Artwork Wins Biorenewables Art Competition

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