© EVEWRIGHT ARTS - BELONGINGS: Windrush 75. Photographer John Ferguson. All Right Reserved 2023

BELONGINGS: Windrush 75 Anniversary – Art Installation weekender. 30 hours of continuous Heritage Art Films Screenings, Projections, Music, Performances, DJ and Food Stalls.

Location: Tilbury International Cruise Terminal, Tilbury Port, Essex. RM18 7NG. Held in Original Grade II listed Ticket Hall Tilbury Cruise Terminal Old Railway Station.
© EVEWRIGHT. Original Grade II listed Ticket Hall Tilbury Cruise Terminal Old Railway Station. All Right Reserved 2023

PRIVATE VIEW 11am – 12pm, 24th June 2023 and general programme from 12pm Saturday to 6pm Sunday

Or join us anytime from 12pm Saturday 24th June 2023 to enjoy a selection of our continuous 30 hours of programmes to 6pm Sunday


Evewright Arts Foundation (EAF) is delighted to announce BELONGINGS: Windrush 75 an art and film Installation as part of Windrush 75th anniversary celebrations, made possible thanks to National Lottery players through a National Lottery Heritage Fund, Arts Council and a Windrush Day grant to support parts of the programme. 

EAF will present a curated programme of Windrush Heritage, Art films screenings and projections in the original Grade II listed ticket hall over a 30-hour continuous period. 


The programme will include an exciting selection of films exploring the resilience, identity, and determination of people from the Windrush generation, their legacy and voices of younger generations. There will also be photographs, sound, words and images of the Empire Windrush original passenger list for an immersive experience with headphones throughout the weekend along with vintage classic cars and food stalls. A DJ set featuring the influence of music over the 75 years will be played during the Saturday evening segment. Come bring your family and style it out for this free weekend of celebrations in period costume. 
 © EVEWRIGHT. Film Still. ‘Motherless Child’ at ‘Tilbury Bridge Walkway’ of Memories. Gary Cordice
 All rights reserved 2023

Special Screening before World Premiere at Firstsite Gallery

Duration: 72 mins

Motherless Child is an epic panorama of sounds, images and song, created, choreographed and Directed by Artist EVEWRIGHT, to channel multiple stories of resilience, identity and determination from elders of the Windrush generation. 

The intersection of land, water and the movement of people is symbiotic to its location within Tilbury Bridge Walkway of Memories. This immersive visual art installation is the first site-specific art and sound created by Artist EVEWRIGHT, held at the Port of Tilbury in Essex, dedicated to people of the Windrush Generation. The film’s sweeping views through the harsh industrial coastal landscape contrasts with the imagery on the bridge and features Gary Cordice singing Motherless Child. The film provides a visual dialogue with poignant, emotional, personal audio stories. This production brings a new cinematic dimension to the art installation, claiming new spaces for marginalised voices to be heard and experienced.
© EVEWRIGHT. Film Still. ‘Here I stand at ‘Tilbury Bridge Walkway’ of Memories. Ionie Richards All rights reserved (2023)

Special Screening before World Premiere at Firstsite Gallery

Writer/Producer Ionie Richards
Duration:13:48 min

Here I Stand written, performed and narrated by Ionie Richards is a personal account of a descendant from parents of the Windrush Generation. She follows the footsteps of her parents who made that journey from the Caribbean to England in the 1950s with hope and expectations. The work explores their personal struggles, loss and achievements to realise their dreams to make a better life for them and their children.

The stunning images of Tilbury Bridge Walkways of Memories, an art installation located on one of the walkways where passengers from the Empire Windrush arrived in Tilbury, is used as a backdrop along with an evocative soundtrack. 
© Larry Achiampong, Wayfinder 2022. Feature-length single-channel 4K film with stereo sound. Commissioned by Turner Contemporary with MK Gallery and Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art. © Larry Achiampong. All rights reserved, DACS/Artimage 2022. Courtesy the artist and Copperfield, London

Director/Producer: Larry Achiampong
Duration 20:09 min (Excerpt)

Wayfinder is Larry Achiampong’s first feature and most ambitious film to date. 
Set during a pandemic, the film tracks the movements of its central protagonist - The Wanderer, a young girl (played by Perside Rodrigues), on an intrepid journey across England. 

Travelling from North to South, The Wanderer passes through different regions, towns and landscapes, encountering people, stories and situations on her way. 
Presented across six chapters, including ‘The North’, ‘The Land of Smoke’ and ‘The Kingdom of the East’. This epic film builds a dialogue around the themes of class and economic exclusion, belonging and displacement, cultural heritage and the meaning of home.
© ELSA JAMES. Black Girl Essex: Here We Come, Look We Here', film still. Tilbury Docks, Essex. Film still: Andy Delaney 2019

Director Elsa James
Duration 13:41min

The title of this work turns the historically 'white' stereotype of the Essex girl, which characterises women from Essex as unintelligent, promiscuous and materialistic on its head. It centres the implications of identity, place and conflict for black folks living in Essex. Specifically, it disrupts the existing narratives. By giving a platform to these black voices, the work attempts to form new understandings of blackness viewed through a contemporary Essex lens.
new horses
© EVEWRIGHT and Evewright Studio-Walking Drawings. Film Coloured People. All rights reserved 2023

Heavy Horses & Coloured People (2023)
Special Screening before World Premiere at Firstsite Gallery

Directed by EVEWRIGHT 
Two channel Film. 42m.05sec Redcam / Hi-Definition 
Duration 42 mins

View Trailer Heavy Horses, View Trailer Coloured People

EVEWRIGHT devised Walking Drawings Across the Estuaries, a series of two films. ‘Heavy Horses ‘and ‘Coloured People’ as one body of work in order to commemorate the lives of 21 Chinese illegal immigrant labourer cockle pickers that drowned at Morecambe Bay in 2004. The drawing took place at Millom in Cumbria.

Using the beach as his canvas EVEWRIGHT created markings in the sand, using a rotavator and tractor, to bring the work to life. Horses and riders were then led onto the drawing to walk its various lines. EVEWRIGHT choreographed both films by remotely guiding the lead rider and leading the walkers. 
© Artwork_credit Oli Bentley, Split & Richard Moran

Sharon Watson MBE DL Choreographer
Christella Litras Composer
Duration: 52 mins

Phoenix Dance Theatre's Windrush: Movement of the People, choreographed by Sharon Watson, is the first contemporary dance work to explore the narrative of the arrival of SS Empire Windrush that brought the first Caribbean migrants to the UK. The work is a lively celebration of the rise of multicultural Britain and features an uplifting soundtrack from calypso, jazz, gospel and reggae with original music created by Christella Litras and features set and costume design by Eleanor Bull.
© EVEWRIGHT ARTS - BELONGINGS: Windrush 75. Photographer John Ferguson. All Right Reserved 2023

Special Screening before World Premiere at Firstsite Gallery

Duration 15 minute 

A series of dance sequences  from Windrush Elders in period costume in the original old Railway Station at Tilbury Terminal, where passengers from the Empire Windrush arrived in 1948. The elders dance is part of celebrating and commemorating the 75th anniversary of the Windrush generation and their contribution, achievements and influence on British society today. 
© BBC. All Right Reserved 2023

Director: Geoff Small
Duration: 22:53 mins (Excerpt)

A family gave up their modern lives for one summer to experience what life was like for Caribbean people who immigrated to Britain in the post war period.
Beginning in 1948, the year the Empire Windrush arrived at Tilbury and discharged its passengers, the Irwin family travel through the 1950s and 60s, guided by presenter Giles Coren and social historian Emma Dabiri who introduce them to their new homes as well as the events of the time. Along the way the Irwin’s discover the food, work and entertainment of first-generation immigrants making their lives in Brixton.
© EVEWRIGHT - Tilbury Bridge Walkway of Memories. All Right Reserved 2023


Windrush Day 22 June 

Tilbury Bridge Walkway of Memories will be open as part of Belongings: Windrush 75 celebrations and will remain open to the public throughout 2023.

Come and join us at Tilbury Cruise Terminal to experience the immersive visual art installation adorning one of the bridges that passengers of the SS Empire Windrush first walked across as they entered Britain in 1948. Collect your free copy of our limited edition Tilbury Bridge Walkway of Memories legacy publication. Enjoy a taster of the Belongings 75 Weekender and Ageless Teenagers tea dance along with the Port of Tilbury who will be hosting a range of community activities from live performances to workshops.
Check out our website for latest information and full programme schedule www.evewrightart.org Follow us @ instagram evewrightarts
Public Opening Times.

Free Entry

22 June 9.30am-6.30pm Windrush Day

24- 25th June 11am Saturday - Sunday 6pm Belongings: Windrush 75 Weekender

Tilbury International Cruise Terminal Essex RM18 7NG

The site is accessible by Car, Bus, Ferry and train. The nearest train station: Tilbury Town. A special shuttle bus will operate over the weekend from Tilbury Town train station to the Terminal. See the Shuttle Sunday bus timetable Here
Other Exhibitions, Lewisham: About Face, Migration Museum. Libation Solo Exhibition Firstsite Gallery
© Artworks by EVEWRIGHT Lewisham: About Face – 'Where I began', Two C-Type archival prints 150cm x 200cm.
Placed onto wallpaper of 1964 census document the year the artist was born. Evewright Studio all rights reserved 2023

Lewisham: About Face 
On display until 16 July 2023.

Migration Museum, Lewisham Shopping Centre (Entrance in Central Square)
London SE13 7HB
Opening hours: Wednesday–Sunday, from 11am–5.30pm (5pm close on Sundays). Admission is free – no booking.

Lewisham: About Face, EVEWRIGHT’s new site-specific multimedia installation, reflects on the places and the forgotten heroes of Lewisham’s past and present that have shaped the artist’s life. It pays homage to his mother, Clarice Reid, and the influences of his father, Lindon Wright. His brothers and sisters and other key local individuals also feature as part of a discourse of what it means to be Black and British today.

The Art installation along with audio and video is on display now till July in the windows of the Migration Museum in the heart of Lewisham Shopping Centre, a focal point for youth culture when the artist was growing up in the late 1970s and 1980s, which remains a popular community destination today.
© Artworks by EVEWRIGHT LIBATION –'Kissi Penny' Sovereign', size variable. Evewright Studio all rights reserved 2023


Forthcoming first UK solo show at Firstsite Gallery Colchester
opening 7 July-18 Nov 2023.

Free Exhibition

EVEWRIGHT will be showcasing a collection that spans 20 years of new and seminal works at Firstsite gallery space. Selected artworks will be exhibited exclusively for the first time in his solo museum gallery presentation to the public.

Follow us on instagram @evewrightarts @evewright.com for the latest information.
Evewright Arts Foundation (EAF) is a not-for-profit voluntary community organisation. We are passionate to seek out, find and preserve valuable untold stories from marginalised Black communities and present them in informal settings in an innovative and engaging way bringing hard to reach young and older generations together. We value the importance of our community telling their stories in their own voice. www.evewrightarts.org
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