I want you to meet John Whittaker.

John was “Professor Whittaker” for so many of my classes in Bible college. John is no longer on staff full-time as a professor, but his love for the Scriptures, discipleship, and the Kingdom of God is stronger than ever. John recently chatted with Tim Mackie and promoted the Bible Project with his work; this testifies to how “on the same page” he is with so many of us. His most recent effort has pushed him into a space where he is creating resources for believers and Christians everywhere to be able to interact with the Text.
Introducing the Listener’s Commentary
Below, you will find John introducing you to his new resource, the Listener’s Commentary.

John and I won’t agree on every nuance you run across—and to be honest, that’s always been true of our relationship! But we have always had a mutual respect for each other and our desires to pursue Jesus through the Text. I trust John’s love for the Bible and his vibrant pursuit of Jesus. Things I have always appreciated about John are his ability to keep learning and his sense of humility when dealing with God’s Word. John has never postured himself as a master of the Text, but as someone who wants to be mastered by God through the Text.

We truly believe that loving God with all our heart, soul, and might is largely driven by a pursuit of His Word. Whether that is through BEMA, the Bible Project, or the Listener’s Commentary, God’s Word will never return void.

Celebrating the study of the Text,
A Message from John Whittaker
Because you’re part of the BEMA Discipleship community, I’m guessing you’re hungry to grow in your faith and eager to learn the Text. That’s the perfect combination for The Listener’s Commentary on the New Testament (as well as the Bible in Life podcast).

Just like a book commentary, The Listener’s Commentary teaches through the books of the New Testament, paragraph by paragraph, except in audio format (currently, six New Testament books are available). The goal is to provide a clear understanding of the Text that helps you grow in your faith right on your phone, tablet, or computer. 

Why? Because I’m convinced of the power and importance of being rooted in the text of Scripture. Psalm 1 (it’s worth reading and memorizing) tells us that the person who “delights in the Law of the Lord” and who “meditates” on it day and night will be blessed. He or she will be like a tree planted next to a stream—healthy, vibrant, flourishing! 

Who wouldn’t want a flourishing life, right?

That’s the power of learning and being rooted in the Text, which is why I created The Listener’s Commentary, as well as my other online Bible teaching resources. I want to help people like you who are hungry to learn and grow and understand what the Bible is saying, and the difference it can make in their life, so that your life can be rooted in the Text.

You can check out the commentary at listenerscommentary.com.

And you can find the other podcast and my online courses at johnwhittaker.net.

What’s Happening Around the Globe?
Sunrise on the Dead Sea
With our trips to Israel standing down for 2020, we fondly remember what it’s like to wake up to the beauty of the land of Israel. This photo is from a trip in 2016.
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