As we wait for the world to recover and continue reopening more and more, we are wanting to find ways forward that are responsible and safe. Marty’s speaking schedule has been entirely undone and we don’t know what that re-entry will look like yet, but we continue to plan different events in safe ways.
More Digital Gatherings
We’ve been having so much fun with our Q&A livestreams, and we aren’t going to stop now! Our next livestream will take place on the BEMA Discipleship Facebook page on Sunday, November 8, 5:00 pm PT / 8:00 pm ET.

We’ll head to Marty’s Twitter in December and Marty’s Instagram in January. We also hope to schedule our next Discussion Group Facilitator Q&A in January for anyone who facilitates a discussion group.
Before the Weather Changes
Marty is trying to meet new faces in the Cincinnati area. We had a great time over on the east side in September, and we are hoping to make the best use of whatever weather and daylight might remain for a west Cincinnati gathering, as well. Bring your own food (if you need/want), bring a mask, bring your no-contact high fives, and introduce yourself. This month’s gathering is scheduled for Friday, November 6, 5:00–6:30 pm. We will meet in Embshoff Park near the shelter that has all the playground equipment. We aren’t sure if this will work with park hours and daylight, but we’ll see if we can have some fun before we have to leave. COVID is making things difficult, but we are determined to do what we can.

Keep watching the News tab on our website for other announcements as we continue to create new resources and schedule Zoom calls specifically designed for group facilitators and others.
What’s Happening Around the Globe?
BEMA Jacmel (Haiti)
This is Nadia.

While in college, she met with a couple friends to study the Bible. Growing up, she was familiar with a distant, angry God. Studying with her friends, she met a personal God who wanted to know her more. She thrust herself into a relationship with God for the first time in her life, and she devoured the Word. After 35 years, however, her learning had plateaued. She would read the Word starting with her personal assumptions and, to a certain extent, sought to protect those assumptions.

In February 2019, Nadia’s friend Jaci told her about the BEMA Podcast. She started listening and was immediately hooked. Nadia’s intense desire to learn about Scripture was rekindled. She felt like the Bereans in the book of Acts who accepted Paul’s message with great eagerness and examined the scriptures daily to see if what he was saying was true.

Nadia would ask herself, “How could it be?” Some of these scriptures she had read a hundred times, so how could she have missed so much? Though she was surprised to see these deeper meanings, she leaned in to find more. “I’ve learned so much in the past year. My personal walk with God has changed radically.”

When Nadia reads a passage, she now tries to understand the context, the references, and the audience. Then she considers how to apply it to her life and ministry.

The one thing Nadia has seen change the most is her understanding of the value of Sabbath. She always saw Sabbath as something oppressive, and didn’t see a place for it in Christianity. She now realizes that Sabbath is truly a gift. Sabbath is an opportunity to stop everything and stand still before the Lord. It is a humbling and necessary reminder of her dependence on God.

Nadia and her husband, Jo, have been trying to practice the Sabbath (their day is Tuesday). They try (and struggle) to intentionally stop everything and be still before God. The hardest thing is shutting down their phones. They start feeling anxious about all the calls they will miss, all the people they need to talk to, all the deals that may fall through, and all the people that need their help. When she is honest with herself, Nadia sees she desperately needs to keep the Sabbath. She needs to make space to hear the Lord and see His face, revel in His presence, and completely depend on Him for her very existence.

BEMA has been a tool to learn how to wield God’s Word and better understand what God is saying. Akin to a pry bar opening a crate, she now pries back the layers of God’s Word.
Nadia and her husband, center right and right, meeting with their discussion group in February.
Marty or Brent may be coming to your neck of the woods as we slowly begin to travel again. Reach out via the contact button at the bottom of this email and see if there is some time you can meet up with them or attend the event. If more information is available, we will include it below.

NOVEMBER 6: West Cincinnati meet-and-greet, Embshoff Park at 5:00 pm
NOVEMBER 8: Facebook Q&A Livestream on the BEMA page
NOVEMBER 19-22: Marty at ICOM (not in person due to socially distanced booths)

DECEMBER: Marty visiting family and supporters in Idaho and Montana
DECEMBER 20: Twitter Q&A Livestream on Marty’s account

JANUARY: Discussion Group Facilitator Q&A
JANUARY: Instagram Q&A Livestream on Marty’s account
JANUARY: Campus Ministry Q&A Livestream on Impact’s Twitter account
JANUARY: Potential trip to the Washington, DC area
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