It’s that time when non-profit organizations send out their appeals for year-end giving; many of you have likely even received a letter from us in the mail about this. Statistics show that almost 40% of all charitable giving happens in the last 50 days of the calendar year. And this is awesome, because there is a lot of amazing work going on around the world that we all help support.

I hope BEMA and our work through Impact has been a pleasure for so many of you to support. I wanted to just touch base on a couple opportunities to be aware of as many of you consider your year-end giving.
Racial Injustice
If you are passionate about the issues of racial injustice facing our world — so are we! We’ve been trying to survey the situations we are most directly connected to and deal with the systemic and institutional injustices we find in our own organization. The fact of the matter is that we can do better and we want to be proactive about this. I recorded a teaching series and opportunity to support these efforts financially.
BEMA Ministry
Your ongoing support of the BEMA ministry has been unbelievably encouraging. We thank you for this and we count on that support to keep growing and developing into the future. One of those who has been most directly impacted by this has been our very own Brent Billings. I wanted to let him share this month about what your donations have meant to him…
What’s Happening Around the Globe?
Brent’s Story
I want to start by saying that your generous giving to our ministry has provided full-time vocational employment for me, doing something I love. It is truly an honor to serve in this way, and as happy as I was to do it on the side, without pay, it’s that much more of a blessing to devote all of my vocational time to this work. Impact Campus Ministries as an organization has been gracious and welcoming as I figure out what my role is in the greater team, and especially in the midst of the entire world changing around us. Watching (and assisting) as my fellow staff members have adjusted their ministries has been an inspiration.

The lenses BEMA gave me to see the Text and the world around me in new ways has changed so much about my life, and yet I know I need continued growth. Doing whatever I can to bring others along on this journey is amazing, and hardly a day goes by where I don’t get to see our BEMA community find some treasure in the Text, or tell a story of how the principles we are building up have helped them bring shalom to the chaos around them.

So thank you for giving! All of this has only been possible by God using your generosity. We hope you keep on giving with joy and that we steward that generosity well, continuing to wrestle together as a wonderful community around the world.
Brent, Darius, and Maggi (with one more joining the crew in March)
Marty or Brent may be coming to your neck of the woods (though not likely right now with the renewed surge of COVID cases). Reach out via the contact button at the bottom of this email and see if there is some time you can meet up with them or attend an event. If more information is available, we will include it below.

DECEMBER 20: Twitter Q&A Livestream at 2 pm ET / 7 pm GMT on Marty’s account

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JANUARY 19: Instagram Q&A Livestream at 5 pm ET / 8 pm ET on Marty’s account
JANUARY 24: Campus Ministry Q&A Livestream at 5 pm PT / 8 pm ET on Impact’s Twitter
JANUARY: Potential trip to the Washington, DC area
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