Register for our Low Contact Israel Trip!
In our most recent (and first!) newsletter, we posted the orientation video for our “low contact” study tour to Israel in May 2020. Registration is now open, and we want to invite you to put down your deposit and reserve your seat if this is the right trip for you.

Please know this trip is specifically designed for those people who are unable to partake in our “full contact,” physically strenuous trip in August 2020. The low contact trip involves much less hiking and is a little cooler, but it will also be a different experience. If you are able, you will want to wait for our full contact trip registration to open in the fall. Our full contact trip includes 7–12 miles of hiking and 1800+ feet of elevation change each day in what can be at least 110-degree desert heat. It is not for the faint of heart — but it is an enriching and rewarding experience.

We are trying a new approach to registration this year. GTI (the agency we use for our trips) has created a great registration page, and we are letting them handle all of our registration. You will register with them and pay your initial deposit. The rest of your payments will be received through Impact Campus Ministries, and you will have more information and instructions about what to do after you register.

It’s time!  If you are ready to head to Israel but are unable to manage the hiking, please join us for this special trip designed just for you. Details can be found at the link below. Trip dates are May 17–30, and the cost per person is  $5080 ; there is a $100 discount for any registration before November. If you have not already, please watch the orientation video , and if you have any questions, don't hesitate to email Marty .
What's Happening Around the Globe?
The Story of Tim & Holly Anderson and Blue Castle Ministry
Tim and Holly were introduced to BEMA by their friend and World Racer, Jenni Feicht. (Jenni’s pastor in college was none other than Marty Solomon!) Tim and Holly were having conversations with Jenni about how they wanted to approach the Text differently. Tim and Holly were opening up to new and different perspectives. They were even looking for some way to study the Bible with a Jewish perspective. Jenni introduced them to BEMA; it was exactly what they were looking for and more.

Tim and Holly have been concerned about people who have had “the Gospel” for many years but are not growing, maturing, or being transformed in the ways you would expect or hope. They needed something different. Somehow the Gospel they have been given is not making an impact. Using the BEMA teachings, they share the Gospel with an agenda directed to the people God sets in their path. This is very exciting work!

One of Tim and Holly’s main ministries is to disciple the volunteers and interns who live and serve alongside them. Though they come from all different walks of life and denominations of Christianity, they have found the BEMA podcast and discussions groups to be something they were sorely missing. Tim and Holly find joy in introducing so many to BEMA and watching them come alive as they are given permission to ask questions and wrestle with the Text.

Tim and Holly have been faithfully listening to BEMA and are having incredible discussions with their children, the World Race teams, and interns who stay with them. BEMA has rocked their Hellenistic way of thinking in the best possible way. All the way in Peru, BEMA has been a tool to help them grow in the Text.

Tim and Holly's ministry, Blue Castle Ministries , stands like a lighthouse for hope in the Andean Mountains. They work with orphanages and are involved in enrichment and envelopment of church plants, plus community well and sanitation projects. You may recognize them from the BEMA Facebook page as they successfully raised funds for a new vehicle in April 2019. For more information about the Andersons and their ministry, visit them here .

Marty or Brent may be coming to your neck of the woods. Reach out via the contact button at the bottom of this email and see if there is some time you can meet up with them or attend the event. If more information is available, we will include it below.

JULY:  Registration for BEMA Israel 2020 (low contact) opens

AUGUST 1-7:  Marty at National Student Conference in Johnson City, TN
AUGUST 8-12:  Marty in Salt Lake City

SEPTEMBER 19-24: Marty at Prayer Journey in Albany, NY
SEPTEMBER 25-27: Brent in Wichita, KS

OCTOBER 22-28: Marty at CCF @ Truman State University and student retreat
OCTOBER:  Registration for BEMA Israel 2020 (full contact) opens
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