Israel Trips Are Full
Our trips to Israel (both the “low-contact” and “full-contact” trips) have reached their maximum registrations and have moved to waiting lists. Thanks to everyone for signing up. This is the first time we’ve capped out a trip, so we’re excited to see what this experience is like. For all of you who may have missed your chance, we look forward to the next time. For now, please consider joining us in Turkey (see below)!
Turkey Trip in 2022
There are seats open for BEMA Turkey 2022! Even if you were wanting to go to Israel, listeners of the podcast are more than equipped to join us for our time in Turkey and catch an Israel trip the next time around. While the trip is designed to be “Part 2” of a two-part BEMA experience, there’s not a single person on this trip who has been to BEMA Israel (since those trips were canceled last year). You’ll be in great company if you choose to join us.

Please make sure you watch our orientation video BEFORE registering. The orientation is almost an hour long, but it is designed to be informative and comprehensive; if you’re interested in going on the trip, we ask that you watch it in full to make an informed decision.

NOTE: If you are not planning on receiving a COVID vaccine, we do not recommend signing up for any of our study tours at this time; international travel requirements may change, but this is how we are preparing based on the current restrictions and guidelines.
GTI Tours, our travel agency for the trips, will be handling all registration and payment details. Once you’ve watched the orientation above and you are ready to register, see more details and register for the trip. Get your seat while it’s still available!
What’s Happening Around the Globe?
Beebe’s Story
This is Beebe.

She is a housewife and illustrator, and she appreciates how God is making the Word new through BEMA as she gains tools from Marty and Brent to address the Text from an eastern mindset. 

As she listens, she is refreshed and empowered to read the Bible, follow it, and experience miracles in her life. Listening to BEMA has helped her snap out of the lullabies she’d fallen asleep to after twenty years of daily Bible study.

Passages and books that have confounded her suddenly take on new meaning. Beebe is finding clarity with a better understanding of who God is and what the Bible meant to the audience to whom it was written.

Marty and Brent’s ability to simplify the conversations of scholars and academics for the purpose of practical application has given Beebe freedom from the nuances of debate. Instead, she is invigorated by the value and life-changing actions of belief.

Beebe appreciates the historical and literary knowledge presented in a fashion she can digest, but what gave her an entirely new sense of direction and comfort is the display of God’s heart of love. She knows the complexities of life and love and that the wrestling may never cease, but she has a new way of leaning on God’s Word when she needs it most.
Marty or Brent may be coming to your neck of the woods. Reach out via the contact button at the bottom of this email and see if there is some time you can meet up with them or attend an event. If more information is available, we will include it below.

NOVEMBER 3–10: Marty in Kansas City and at CCF Truman
NOVEMBER 5: Out of Chaos art show in Kansas City (details)
NOVEMBER 14: Instagram Q&A on Marty’s account
NOVEMBER 14: Marty preaching at University Christian Church
NOVEMBER 17–22: Marty at ICOM in Virginia

DECEMBER 2–4: Marty in Kansas City
DECEMBER 3: Out of Chaos art show in Kansas City (details)
DECEMBER 5–7: Marty in Washington, DC
DECEMBER 9: YouTube Q&A on Marty’s YouTube channel
DECEMBER 12: BEMA group facilitators meeting
DECEMBER 14–29: Marty celebrating holidays in Idaho

JANUARY 5–12: Marty and Brent in St. Simon’s Island, GA, for Impact’s All-Staff Conference
JANUARY 16: Facebook Q&A on BEMA’s page
JANUARY 27: Marty speaking at NorthStar Church’s women’s group
We are sharing links to the latest videos Marty is producing for those of you who don’t subscribe to his YouTube channel. (But please subscribe!)

Published by BEMA Discipleship, in partnership with Impact Campus Ministries.