Editorial Note: Our first version of BEMA Messenger #4 contained a bad link for our new Slack workspace. We apologize for the confusion and have corrected the problem in this version. Thank you for your understanding.
New Podcast Host and Feed Changes
We are migrating our podcast to a new host. This means the feed will be redirected to a “master” feed with all sessions in one place. You will no longer need to subscribe to a new session as a separate podcast. Everything will be in one feed so you can easily start from the beginning and go straight through to the current episode. This redirect should happen automatically, but depending on your podcast app, you may have to delete one or two feeds if you end up with multiple copies of the same podcast. To learn more, listen to the special announcement we recently released.

BEMA Israel 2020 (full contact)
The orientation video for our regular, full-contact Israel trip scheduled for August 3–15, 2020, is now available. We expect registration to open in October and we are prepared for waiting lists, so make sure you are prepared with a $500 deposit to reserve your seat. The cost per person should be in the $5080 range. Watch this orientation to be prepared for registration.
BEMA Israel 2020 (low contact)
Registration is open for our “low-contact” study tour to Israel. If you have ever considered joining us on a trip but know you can’t do the hiking, then this trip is designed for you. The trip is scheduled for May 17–30, 2020, and costs $5080 per person. Find out more or register at the link below, but please watch the orientation video before you do.
New Communication Platform
Many of you have expressed interest in having an online forum for all of us around the world to interact and discuss BEMA. We are creating a space for conversation and engagement on a platform called Slack . This supplementary space allows you to connect with others from around the world, ask questions, and share your BEMA experience. As we experiment with this idea, there are some expectations we want to make sure are clearly communicated.

This is NOT designed to replace the need for real, flesh-and-blood discussion groups. It is an online communication tool intended to complement your real-world discussion groups. While digital relationships can provide encouragement, they fall short of face-to-face relationships. Slack can be used to help facilitate more real-life connection or attempt to replace it. We choose the former!

While Marty will occasionally be online, reading and even commenting, Slack will not be an effective way to contact him directly. Because this platform is an extension of the BEMA community, and Marty’s schedule is already very full (as is the case with many of us), we do not want to create extra notifications. For Marty’s sake, we ask that you refrain from @-mentioning, tagging, or sending him direct messages.

Our culture struggles to use social media platforms in ways that edify and build up others. Our Slack platform will be a place where we demonstrate the fruit of the Spirit rather than the acts of the flesh — pride, disrespectful debate, or other inappropriate behavior. We encourage respectful and loving wrestling with the Text and conversations that uplift and edify one another.

To join our Slack, click the button below.
Just for Fun
You can get a glimpse of Marty’s day-to-day life with this throwback video on his blog. It provides a fun, behind-the-scenes look into BEMA and what it would be like to carry Marty’s pack a second mile. If you would like a slightly dated look behind the curtain, enjoy this video, and read the original blog post here .
Marty or Brent may be coming to your neck of the woods. Reach out via the contact button at the bottom of this email and see if there is some time you can meet up with them or attend the event. If more information is available, we will include it below.

SEPTEMBER 13-15: HAYAMIM: A Proposal in Spokane, WA
SEPTEMBER 19-24: Marty at Impact Prayer Journey in Albany, NY
SEPTEMBER 25-27: Brent in Wichita, KS

OCTOBER 3-7:  Marty in South Bend, IN
OCTOBER 22-28: Marty at CCF @ Truman State University and student retreat
OCTOBER:  Registration for BEMA Israel 2020 (full contact) opens

NOVEMBER 12-19:  Marty at ICOM in Kansas City
NOVEMBER 20-24:  Marty in Las Vegas

DECEMBER 5-8: Marty in Atlanta, GA
DECEMBER 9-12: Marty in North Carolina
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