It's That Time of Year
No, not the holidays, but the end of the year. It is the time of year when people look at their financial giving and tax situation for the year and make year-end gifts. National statistics show that over 80% of charitable giving happens in the last 40 days of the year. 

Here at BEMA, we are hoping to keep our financial situation growing as well. Many of our listeners have started supporting us recently, and it has made a big difference. Thank you so much! We are still looking to secure the funding needed to hit some of our initial goals for hiring Brent full-time. Brent will start with us in January of 2020, and we couldn’t be more excited for some of the difference this will make, and I’m sure eventually you will feel it as listeners, too.

To those ends, we are looking to recruit more listeners to help support BEMA on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis. Even if each of our listeners gave $10 a month, we could generate well over $50,000 of monthly income. That would be a big deal. Currently, our monthly average for 2019 has been somewhere around $2000, and that doesn’t quite cut it in terms of maintaining our efforts. Just a little bit from everyone could help out more than you may realize.

If you are already giving, thank you! If you consider giving and decide you can fit a small ongoing gift into your budget, you can use the button below to set up a recurring gift. 

Impact Campus Ministries processes all gifts for BEMA. When giving online, be sure " BEMA Ministry ” is selected in the appropriate drop-down menu, and your donation will be directed to the correct account. You may also mail gifts to  Impact Campus Ministries, PO Box 77, Mishawaka, IN 46546. Checks should be made out to “Impact Campus Ministries” with a note stating “preferred BEMA Ministry” included with the check. Thank you so much for partnering with us.
Brent and his family
What's Happening Around the Globe?
Madelynne's Story
This is Madelynne. 

She is a recent BEMA podrishoner and has completely changed her life as a result of what she has been learning.

Having been a believer for quite some time, Madelynne studied the Bible and learned where she could, but she knew there were truer truths and deeper meanings. Yet she felt like the work was fruitless and the Bible wasn’t speaking to her anymore. When her brother shared BEMA with her, it felt like a whole new universe opened up.

She finally found the recipe to bring forth the invisible ink that had been hidden right in front of her eyes all these years. She is once again learning from a place of awe and reverence for the Scriptures. The context of the Bible and the meaning of the words and stories are the tools she has needed to dig deeper into the Bible she has known for so long.

Madelynne is also an artist. As she was learning about Genesis 1, she needed to process what she was learning. She wanted to visualize it, and to start, she painted the chiasms of Genesis 1. With the nature of chiasms being patterned and creative, the resulting visualizations are likewise expressive paintings. She is currently working on a full collection based on the chiasms in Genesis. These structures show the beauty of what God has already painted into the tapestry of His Word. The layers, hidden gems, and meticulously placed gold all represent God’s work for us to uncover, and she is presenting these patterns revealed in Scripture. Her artwork is her means to show and share God’s brilliance through the dynamic colors and patterns God uses to tell His redemptive story.

She has three Genesis paintings:
  • “The Creation Story, Verse by Verse” — a painting of the chiasm within Genesis 1 with repeated words and phrases represented by different colors
  • “Themes, Moad” — a simpler painting showing the chiasm of Genesis 1 by themes
  • “He Rests” — a chiasm of the Preface (Genesis 1–11)

If you are interested in purchasing a painting, you can check them out here . All works are original 16x20 acrylic paintings on canvas and come in a birch frame. Paintings start at $100 and include an explanation. Follow along at  or on Instagram ( @madelynnrae ).
Marty or Brent may be coming to your neck of the woods. Reach out via the contact button at the bottom of this email and see if there is some time you can meet up with them or attend the event. If more information is available, we will include it below.

DECEMBER 5-8: Marty in Atlanta, GA
DECEMBER 9-12: Marty in Charlotte and Raleigh, NC

JANUARY 15-16:  Marty in Orlando and Miami, FL
JANUARY 17-21:  Marty at National Community Church in Washington, DC

FEBRUARY:  HAYAMIM: A Proposal  in Seattle-Tacoma, WA

MARCH 27-28: Marty at the Michigan Christian Convention in Lansing, MI
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