Weekend Event Coming to Seattle
Our weekend event, called  HAYAMIM: A Proposal is coming to the Seattle-Tacoma area. We will be hosting this event in Bellevue, WA, at Westminster Chapel. Come join Marty and  Brent as we wrestle with the pressing questions of being people of faith in our world. This is one of the last events in the Pacific Northwest before the Solomon family relocates to Cincinnati, OH.

The goal of this event is obviously to wrestle with the content, but it is also designed to help us mobilize and meet others from the region in the BEMA network. If you listen from the area of Seattle-Tacoma, or anywhere close, please join us for  HAYAMIM: A Proposal, February  21–22.

Tickets are free, but we will be asking for cash donations as well as doing other fundraising at the event.  We are also asking for an online registration so we can have the appropriate venue ready. Register and find out more by clicking or tapping the button below.
BEMA Israel 2020
There are still spots open for our full contact Israel trip (August 2–15, 2020). Be sure to watch the  orientation video  before registering. If you have any questions, please  email Marty .
What’s Happening Around the Globe?
BEMA CLT (Mount Holly)
This is BEMA CLT (in Mount Holly, near Charlotte, NC).

They are a group of podrishioners who have found their way to BEMA through God working in each of their lives. They officially formed their group in September 2019 when the Whitlock family (Scott and Elyse pictured at right) sent out word of the gathering. They were delighted to see people come together and search out new treasures.

God’s vastness and beauty has shone as the CLT group challenges each other to trust the story and be a part of God’s bringing order to chaos. Each week their questions fuel the conversation as they each bring their own perspectives to the gatherings. They are continuing to connect to each other as they live life and relate to one another through stories.

In December, the group blessed Marty by taking him around Charlotte and showing him their city. (Ironically, the most frequent sites were hospitals; they seemingly could not travel to any of their favorite haunts without passing another hospital.) Likewise, the group invites any podrishioner in the Charlotte area to join their BEMA CLT group. To find them, access our map fro m the BEMA website and contact Scott (via BEMA Mount Holly).

Marty visiting BEMA CLT in December
The group even made their own swag
(Ed.: The sweatshirt is fantastic. Thanks!)
Marty or Brent may be coming to your neck of the woods. Reach out via the contact button at the bottom of this email and see if there is some time you can meet up with them or attend the event. If more information is available, we will include it below.

FEBRUARY 21–22:  HAYAMIM: A Proposal  in Seattle-Tacoma, WA

MARCH 17–21: Marty and family in Kirksville, MO, for vacation and CCF  visit
MARCH 27–28: Marty at the Michigan Christian Convention in Lansing, MI

APRIL: Be praying for the Solomons as they seek to buy a home

MAY 17–30: BEMA Israel 2020 (low contact)

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