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In Feb of 2010 I published my sci-fi thriller/horror novel, BENEATH as an e-book and audiobook. Since then, 5000 copies of the e-book have been sold and 10,000 listeners have downloaded the audiobook. It's been an awesome success, but a growing number of people have asked for the book in print, specifically in hardcover. Look below to find out how you can make this possible! Other news below as well.
BENEATH in Hardcover
Beneath Cover Git'er done!
Demand for BENEATH in hardcover has prompted a campaign, which allows you to pre-order the book and fund the initial print run. works by accepting pledges, with the amounts for BENEATH set between $1 and $1000 ($30 gets you the book, shipping included). You are not charged for the pledge until/if the fundraising goal is met. If the goal is not met, you won't be charged a penny.

IMPORTANT: There are only 44 days left to raise the funds needed to get the book printed, so don't wait, pre-order this sucker now!

The BENEATH hardcover will be between 300 and 350 pages, contain eight pages of character/creature/technology sketches by me and they'll all be signed (some will be numbered). There will never be a numbered run of BENEATH again, so snag your copy (first come first serve, the faster you order, the lower your number!).

So check out the campaign page, watch the video introduction, check out the super cool pledge rewards, pre-order the book and make a pledge! And if you really want this book, SPREAD THE WORD. If we can't raise the demand, it won't get printed. Thanks!
AuthorWire for the iPhone
Beneath Cover FREE until Sept 24

I have a new App available for the iPhone and iPad called AuthorWire. And you can get it by clicking here. It's $.99 for a limited time and includes access to the audiobook editions of BENEATH and KRONOS, this blog, a video channel, my Twitter feed, a gallery of book covers (which will expand as new book covers arrive), a store (to buy the books) AND a unique feature I call NovelTracker, which allows you to view all the GPS locations visited in my books. Get directions to them, see where they are in the world and check out satellite images. Currently, all the locations in PULSE are up. INSTINCT will be going up soon.

Check out more screenshots and details here and then go grab it before the price goes up!

iPhone Preview 2 Beneath Cover

Threshold Cover Awww yeah, the third book in the Jack Sigler (previously Chess Team) series is coming out very nice and I'm ready to give you a sneak peak! This is the very first cover mock-up. While this is an unfinished cover image you can already see that it's going to be the best cover of the series. The final cover will have more color, be brighter and have a different/cooler text treatment. Click the image for a larger view. As for the story, here's the summary!

After an apparent terrorist attack on the Siletz Reservation in Oregon leaves more than three thousand Americans dead, Jack Sigler, call sign King and his Chess Team-Queen, Rook, Bishop and Knight-are tasked with protecting the only survivor, Fiona Lane, a thirteen year old girl. While King is away, mourning the death of his mother, and the rest of the team chases down leads, Fort Bragg is attacked by a strange and overwhelming enemy. When the dust settles, Fiona is gone.

But the attack on Fort Bragg was part of a larger offensive. All around the world, the last speakers of ancient languages are being systematically exterminated. The team takes action to protect potential targets in exotic locations around the world while King launches a furious search for Fiona that takes him to the Roman Forum, Stonehenge, Israel and Babylon.

Along the way, the team is hunted and attacked by strange creatures that defy explanation-living statues, genetically modified monsters and walking megaliths-sent by an enemy from their past. Using ruthless methods, their enemy has unlocked the secrets of the pre-Babel mother tongue: the breath of life. If not stopped, he will be able to remake himself, and the world.

Calling on help from old friends and ancient heroes, the team fights their most desperate battle yet, not just to save the world as we know it, but to rescue a little girl who wants nothing more than to call King: Dad.

As always, thank you for your support and lets make the BENEATH hardcover a reality. If just a fraction of the people on this newsletter order the book, we'll be good to go!
Jeremy Robinson