Great Service, Affordable Prescriptions, Convenient Home Delivery-All in One Pharmacy
With Elixir Pharmacy, your medications are delivered to you on time, safely and conveniently. We can coordinate with your doctor to deliver comprehensive pharmacy services, ensuring you get the individual support you need with every prescription fill. 

Get the Medication You Need, When You Need It 
If you're taking maintenance medications, such as those for high blood pressure, cholesterol or diabetes, home delivery may be a convenient, cost-saving 
option for you.  
TakeCare’s health plans offers generic and brand name medications through its business partner, Elixir, at lower copays than what you pay at a retail pharmacy, and you can receive a 90 day supply at a time. 
For example, Federal members covered under TakeCare’s High or Standard Option can get a 90 day supply of generic medications for a $0 copay!
It’s simple, fast, and convenient!
  • The prescriptions you need, delivered directly to your home or P.O. Box in secure, private packaging
  • Convenience of 90-day supplies means fewer trips to the pharmacy and less waiting in line
  • Potentially lower copays and more savings than traditional pharmacies
  • Free standard shipping and delivery tracking with options for expedited shipping
  • Refill reminders so your medication arrives when you need it
  • Licensed pharmacists dispense medications and are available to answer questions
Click on one of the following to view and download: brochure, flyer or mail order forms.
To enroll online or to learn more about Elixir Home Delivery, go to or contact TakeCare Customer Service at (671) 647-3526, M-F 8am-5pm ChST, or