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How To Prevent Fraud!

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145 Industry Avenue, Springfield


63 Park Avenue, West Springfield


1.25% APR*

BEST Vehicle Rate

Out There!


FREE Armor All Car Care Gift receive free gift at closing when you show your vaccination card, donated or volunteered at a food shelter, other community service, or pet adoption from a shelter.

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Looking for the best auto financing deal you can get? The best deal is to get pre-approved for a vehicle loan before you go to the dealer. Why pay extra? 

Get pre-approved today at Arrha Credit Union and get a fantastic rate! Negotiate just the sticker price, not the loan.

Arrha Credit Union gets you the most vehicle by getting you pre-approved.

Contact Adam Baldwin, Branch Manager, today directly at 413-205-2062 or you can email him.

Email Adam Today!

*This vehicle loan special does not include Arrha refinance. Limited time offer. Apply by Saturday, November 6, 2021. Collateral acceptance will be looked at in combination with the application in full on a case by case basis. Automobile rate is based on 24 months at 1.25% annual percentage rate with cost per $1,000 of $43.77. Other vehicle loan rate specials for various terms are available. Minimum 680 credit score. Your actual rate may be higher depending upon your individual credit score, VSI is required on all automobiles, fee is $37.00. Autopay required. Loans must close within 30 days of application. Subject to change. Armor All Complete Car Care Kit Gift will be given to you at the time of closing. Value of gift $50.00. Rate includes a deduction of .125% for automatic payment from an Arrha Credit Union checking account.

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Credit Cards



Annual Percentage Rate

No Annual Fee.

*As low as 10.00% after 12 billing cycles! Applies to platinum and rewards cards. Subject to credit approval. $15,000.00 maximum. Let’s chat today to apply or learn more. 

Contact Amanda Howie, Assistant Branch Manager, today directly at 413-588-5652 or you can email her.

Email Amanda Today!

Free Checking + Gift!*

When You Open A FREE Checking Account

(Business or Personal).

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Contact Adam Baldwin, Branch Manager, today directly at 413-205-2062 or you can email him.

Email Adam Today!

Already have an Arrha Checking Account?

No worries!

Refer a friend or family member to open one so they may also receive this exclusive offer. You will receive your pick as well when they open* and direct deposit is quickly verified!

*Open a Free Business or Personal Checking account and receive an Echo Dot 4 with clock, alarms, timers, tap the top to snooze, play music, answer questions, play the news, check the weather, set alarms, control your smart home, use your voice to turn on lights, adjust thermostats, and lock doors with compatible devices. Connect with others hands-free, call friends and family who have the Alexa app or an Echo device. Instantly drop in on other rooms or announce to the whole house that dinner's ready. Value of gift $70.00. Limited time offer. While supplies last. Just keep your Arrha Checking Account open for 12 months and sign up for direct deposit of a minimum of $100 each month. Members could pay overdraft service fees if their balances fall below zero. Must open a Membership Savings Account with a minimum of $25.00 to become a member. Business checking does not require direct deposit.

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$350 Mortgage BEST

Closing Cost Credit

30 Year Mortgage

Fantastic Rates PLUS

Contact Michael Kelley today directly at


or you can email him below.


Email Michael, AVP, Mortgage Loan Originator, Today!

*Closing cost credit is based on automatic payment from an Arrha Credit Union checking account. Subject to underwriting and credit approval. Property insurance required. Lender credit of $350 at closing. Excludes refinancing an existing Arrha Credit Union mortgage.

Reduce Your Mortgage.

You could save thousands.

Call Michael today and

he will let you know.

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Chat with Michael Kelley, our Assistant Vice President, Mortgage Loan Originator, who can review and provide you with your refinance savings results. There is no obligation.

Michael has been helping our members save thousands of dollars each year. If no savings are available, he will let you know.

Contact Michael Kelley today directly at


or you can email him below.


Email Michael, AVP, Mortgage Loan Originator, Today!
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BEST Home Equity

Line of Credit Rate

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Let us help you find your happiness to pay-off spending, make home repairs, remodel a room and much more!

Contact Michael Kelley today directly at


or you can email him below.


Email Michael, AVP, Mortgage Loan Originator, Today!

*For the first 12-months the Annual Percentage Rate (APR) will be 1.99%; then, it will adjust to the highest Prime Rate published in the Wall Street Journal on the last business day of the month. The rate is variable and will be subject to change monthly, maximum rate of 18%. Minimum Annual Percentage Rate of 4.00%. The term is a 10 year draw. 10 years repayment. Property insurance is required to be maintained as a condition of the equity credit line and flood insurance may be required (if applicable) prior to closing. This offer is subject to change without notice. Early termination fee of $400.00 if paid off and closed in the first 36-months. Equity Credit Lines are available only for 1-4 family owner occupied properties. A minimum draw of $20,000.00 is required at time of closing. A maximum line of $250,000.00. Membership is required. Offer valid on new lines of credit only (no refinancing of any Arrha Credit Union debt). Other terms and conditions may apply as governed by Arrha Credit Union Lending Policy.

How To Prevent Fraud!

COVID-19 Scams Are On The Rise

We are seeing an uptick in phishing scams for personal data and other confidential credentials. Phishing scams can take the form of emails, text messages, and social media messages that appear to be from a reputable source such as The Center for Disease Control (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO). Elder fraud is another major scam we have been seeing amid this pandemic. An example would be a fake phone call from a loved one claiming to need money for treatment for COVID-19. Be cautious of requests for charities that ask for your personal account information over the phone or online as well. These fake charities often try to guilt you into donating. For more information on these scams you can click here and view the article on COVID-19 from the CDC. 

IRS Identity Theft Central

"Tax-related identity theft happens when someone steals your personal information to commit tax fraud. Your taxes can be affected if your Social Security number is used to file a fraudulent return or to claim a refund or credit." 

Learn more to safeguard your identity at IRS Identity Theft Central.


Scam Alerts from the Federal Trade Commission.

SmartPhone and Mobile Device Security Tips

Lock Your SmartPhone

Set up a screen lock so the phone cannot be accessed or used without a password. Use a real alphanumeric password, not a 4-digit pin, and ensure the screen is set to lock automatically after 1 to 5 minutes of being idle.

Don't Leave your SmartPhone Unattended

Don't leave your SmartPhone sitting around in public spaces...it's easy to do. Put it in your coat, pocket, briefcase, purse, wherever it can be out of view when not in use.

Don't Give your SmartPhone to Strangers

If someone needs to make an emergency call home and asks to use your phone...don't. Rather than give the person your phone, make the call for them and put it on speaker.

Keep your SmartPhone Up-To-Date - You know those system updates you've been ignoring for a while? Install them. Most SmartPhone system updates include enhancements to device security. When updates are provided by the manufacturer, install them.

Use 'Find My iPhone' or Similar Service

There are free, very easy SmartPhone tools available that allow the tracking and wiping service for Androids, iOS, Windows and Blackberry phones. These tools and services allow the user to lock, track, or wipe their SmartPhone remotely if lost. This not only protects your personal data, but it could help you recover a lost or stolen device.

Don't Download Apps from Untrusted Sources

Do not enable the "non-market Apps" setting on your SmartPhone. These types of Apps are riddled with vulnerabilities. Only install Apps from the SmartPhone manufacturer's approved online App Store.

Do 'SmartPhone Apps' Due Diligence

Do your homework! Read the 'Permissions' screen when you download and install new Apps to your SmartPhone. Many Apps will let you know that they are accessing your location, call history, contacts, and other personal data. Realize too when these Apps deliver your SmartPhone information to other third-party companies for other uses.

Watch Those Attachments!

Be careful about opening attachments sent to your SmartPhone by people you don't know. Many attachments are used by hackers to deploy malicious software and viruses.

Encrypt SmartPhone Data

Most new SmartPhones make it relatively simple to encrypt the contents of the phone. This ensures that even if the phone does fall into the wrong hands and is accessed because the screen lock was bypassed, some level of protection still remains for your personal data.

Call-Forwarding SCAM

Identity thieves have learned how to "Call-Forward" telephone numbers to a fraudulent call center where criminals are stealing identities. Although Arrha Credit Union has implemented the necessary precautions and procedures to prevent the inadvertent disclosure of its membership's confidential information to these thieves, it is highly recommended that you contact your local telephone service company and request that "Call-Forwarding" be disabled, and enable "Password-Protection" on your telephone number, if available.

Scam Awareness Videos from The Cooperative Credit Union Association, Inc. with DA's Office, Anthony Gulluni, DA Hampden County

 If You Are Like Me

Did You Know

When Asked

Scammers Come

Scammers Prey

Free copy of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and FDIC’s Money Smart for Older Adults brochure.

MA Department of Unemployment Assistance (DUA)

It is important to always remember, Arrha Credit Union will under NO circumstances send an email or leave voicemail messages on a mobile or home telephone requesting a member to reply to an email or call in to update or verify financial account information.

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Thank you for being a member!

From all your friends at Arrha!

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