VEGANUARY WEEK 2 - On to the Main Course

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Where's the Protein?

Dear Maral,

If you have been with us since the beginning of the month, good for you for sticking with it! We hope you enjoyed all the cheesy goodness of Miyoko's Creamery's cheeses last week and are ready for the entrée! If you are just joining, welcome, and we've got you!

We often hear misinformation about plant-based diets not having enough protein. We're here to dispel that myth right here, right now! There are plenty of delicious plants packed with protein, and also so many plant-based meats. This week we're focusing on all things meat, or rather, plant-based meat. Please enjoy tips for your main event!

Renegade Foods - Plant-Based Charcuterie

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Co-Founders Kalie Marder and Iona Campbell

Inspired by Iona’s time spent in Spain learning from local chefs, "we’ve spent the last 10 years finding a way to marry thoughtful dietary choices with a love of flavor and food. We removed the animals, but still rely on old world techniques such as smoking and fermentation. And we perfected our authentic flavors in a kitchen, not a lab. We invite all lovers of flavor to join us in a kitchen where there is no compromise between having a truly elevated culinary experience and supporting our planet."

Renegade Foods

One of the tastiest local, vegan, products out there, and perfect for wine country, is Renegade Food's plant-powered premium, charcuterie! Chef made in Sonoma wine country, their applewood smoked meats are influenced by the old-world flavors of Southern Europe. 

Hello, wine, cheese, and charcuterie, plant-based style! Yes, please!

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"I LOVE your products and hail them as a real plant-based culinary breakthrough after 25 years as a faithful vegan." - Donna L.


Eat Renegade's Salami Carbonara

There's nothing like a hearty carbonara in the wintertime to satisfy that craving for comfort food, and this creamy carbonara with Renegade Sweet Toscana salami is this week's winner!

Salami Carbonara
renegade carbonara.jpg

Insider PROMO CODE: use JAMESON20 for 20% off Renegade charcuterie!

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Myth: Vegans cannot and do not get enough protein or essential vitamins without eating meat.

Fact: You do not need to eat red meat to get the protein and essential nutrients needed for a healthy diet. "You can get the same amounts — and in some cases even more — from poultry, fish, eggs, and nuts, and as well as by following a plant-based diet. There are also no firm studies that have shown nutritional or health advantages from eating organic or grass-fed beef." - Dr. Frank Hu, chair of the Department of Nutrition, Harvard University


Myth: Eating red meat regularly will not harm your health.

Fact: Red and processed meats do increase health risks. An accumulated body of evidence shows a clear link between high intake of red and processed meats and a higher risk for heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and premature death. Research has shown that vegetarians have 40% the cancer rate of meat-eaters.

Myth: Cows do not have feelings and are bred for the purpose of providing milk and meat for humans.

Fact: Cows are social animals. They have the ability to recognize more than 100 other cows and they form close friendships with members of their herd. Researchers report that cows grieve when their friends or family members die. Female cows must be impregnated to produce milk. Their babies, if male, are taken for veal, sold for beef, or shot shortly after they are born, and if female, taken immediately for the dairy industry.

Why choose cruelty, when we can choose compassion?

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Insider Veganuary Special Offers!


Beyond Beef's

Shepherd's Pie

Eating plant-based does not mean you have to give up all your favorites! Today, there are so many delicious meat alternatives, that you can simply replace animal-based meats or dairies with plant-based! This hearty Beyond Beef's Shepherd's Pie is the perfect hearty and satisfying meal for a cold winter night!

Shepherd's Pie

To leave you with a boost of extra motivation and a good hardy pat on the back for making compassionate and healthy choices, check out our guest featured blog, Superpower Yourself for a Joyous Life, by Jeannie Hudkins, author of Eat Like You Give a Damn: For the Animals, For Your Health, For Our Planet. 

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Superpower Yourself

Thank you for pledging to Veganuary! Be part of the change today, help us improve animal welfare through global collaboration and education for the benefit of all life.

With much gratitude and admiration,


Monica Stevens,


Proud to Be Vegan

Questions for Monica about her vegan journey or how she and her husband David started Jameson? Feel free to reach out! [email protected] 

Have a friend or family member you think would enjoy all the Veganuary fun? Encourage them to take the pledge and join us!

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