Celebrating JOY at BFS!
The final weeks of the 2020 - 2021 BFS school year were filled with much celebration and joy! Campus was abuzz with beloved traditions (some with a twist!), as well as some wonderful new events and activities….
Handprints on the Bell & Brick Ceremony

This spring, 8th grade students began their graduation festivities by making their lasting mark on this friendly place — painting handprints on the Bell and participating in the Brick Ceremony. Twenty new alumni have just joined you, celebrating their induction to the alumni community by placing their brick among those of the many other graduates who came before them. Alex Harris '14 welcomed the group as the Brick Ceremony speaker. 

Big Hug Pancake Breakfast/ Track and Field Day 2021

In order to comply with all necessary COVID-19 health and safety protocols, this year's Track & Field Day blended new and old traditions. The morning began with families fueling up with a Big Hug Pancake Breakfast at home. Once on campus, students participated in many familiar events and some exciting new ones! Virtual learners were welcomed to campus for the day, and all children competed in their chosen events with their grade level at stations placed throughout our beautiful 44-acre campus. 

In the end, the Blue team was victorious!

Celebrating the Class of 2021

In this unusual year, the administration and Upper School teachers, with the support of the 8th grade families, surprised the students with some totally new activities! There was a surprise "kidnapping" for a picnic at the park; a celebratory socially-distanced walk through campus accompanied by the cheers of the community; and a FaceBook Live night tour of campus given by the soon to be graduates. Throughout it all, this class certainly exhibited their spirit of youth with joyful enthusiasm!!

BFS Art Walk

This June, the first ever BFS ART WALK WEEK took place on the Upper Field to celebrate and showcase in person all the incredible work our students completed in art and shop this year! In order to comply with health and safety protocols, families were invited to come by class to the Upper Field at assigned times. Children and their grade-level classmates were stationed at tables to explain their projects and answer questions. This was a wonderful and creative alternative to the traditional Spring Art Show!
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An Out of This World
Science Project
With clear skies and light wind, the weather balloon launch went off without a hitch on Monday, June 7, 2021! Reaching a maximum altitude of 103,000 feet, the BFS weather balloon passed the ozone layer to orbit in the stratosphere before returning to Earth over in Yardley. Thanks to a helpful family near where the payload landed, we not only retrieved our data and imagery, but they also caught our payload's descent with their front door camera! Thanks to the Reid Family for this bonus footage and many, many thanks to Science Teacher Stephanie Thliveris and BFS Parent Gary Brackenridge for working with the students on this out of this world project!
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The Friends Education Equity Collaborative
(Friends Collaborative)

Increasing Access to Friends Education for More Families
BFS has recently joined the Friends Collaborative! Interested participants in the EITC program will have easier access to enrollment and benefit from the Collaborative's support team, streamlining this process for you and for BFS!

Qualifying individuals and businesses have the opportunity to receive tax credits for supporting financial assistance for BFS students. Individuals and businesses in Pennsylvania can participate in the Friends Collaborative by making a minimum contribution of $3,000 per year for two consecutive years to support tuition assistance at BFS and fellow Quaker schools. In turn, participants receive a PA state tax credit for 90% of their contribution amount. As an example, a $10,000 Friends Collaborative gift to support tuition assistance has a net cost of just $1,000 to the donor – making this truly a win-win for donors and BFS! BFS receives at least 75% of every contribution from BFS donors, and the remainder supports scholarships at other Quaker schools in our area. 

Learn more by contacting Katelynn Connolly, Director of Advancement at 215-794-7491 / kconnolly@bfs.org
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