Mentoring teens and serving families in Arroyo Grande, Grover Beach, Nipomo, Oceano, Pismo Beach, and Shell Beach communities.
Welcome everyone to the Club newsletter! The Club is a space within Boys & Girls Clubs created especially for teens, apart from the younger kids. Currently, The Club is running on campus at Judkins and is open to any Judkins student who needs or wants a safe place to drop in after school and be themselves without the pressure of being judged. From sports to the arts to academics, The Club offers resources and programs to create meaningful experiences today as teens prepare a plan for the future. We're here to listen and guide as teens choose their own path forward.
"I like getting to hear them [other teens at the club] play music in the room" Jonathan, 8th grader
"It's fun sharing memes and laughing with people after school" Noah, 7th grader
"We have a chance to get our homework done so we don't have to spend time on it at home" Jacob, 7th grader
"I like getting to do crafts" Xenia, 8th grader
"It's fun to come in and play games like Jenga with my friends" Elliot, 8th grader
"It's just nice to have a place to be with friends and get some work done after school" Matthew, 7th grader
"It's a fun, chill place to come after school and I like that we get rewards [teen tokens for prize box] for being here and having fun." Graysen, 7th grader
1830 19th Street,
Oceano, CA 93445