Arroyo Grande, Grover Beach, Nipomo,
Oceano, Pismo Beach and Shell Beach
"These are really great for making tamales and Mexican dishes" - Club Family
Thank You
SLO Food Bank
One of our favorite times off the month is when San Luis Obispo Food Bank comes to visit! The youth get to personally "shop" through a farmers' market. One by one, they choose their favorite veggies with the Food Bank dollars they are given. All the veggies given allow for all youth to create delicious healthy dishes with their family! Our visit ends with a fun version of connect four, where we match and name veggies or fruits.
"I get to eat the apples as a snack. They are really good!" - Alex
"My favorite part is the connect 4! I get to play with my friends." - Santiago
"I like taking everything, so that my mom can use it." - Richard
"Look at all the food we get and I get to write my name on the bag." - Tucker
"My mom and dad love peppers! I like taking some for them." - Stephanie
1830 19th Street,
Oceano, CA 93445