December 2017
Happy Holidays and Best Wishes in 2018!
The cooler weather and falling leaves have ushered in the holiday season. The new year will be here soon, and we anticipate changes in 2018 to laws and regulations that may impact your business.

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Toby McClamroch, managing partner
Managing Partner
Tax Cuts and Job Act: Comparing the House and Senate Proposals

On November 2, 2017, the House of Representatives released the first draft of a tax reform bill entitled the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. Since the Act’s release, there have already been several changes to the Act’s proposals. The House Ways and Means Committee made several amendments to the plan before approving the Act on November 9th. The changes would bring the cost of the bill over a decade to just over $1.4 trillion, as estimated by the Joint Committee on Taxation.
Dispute Over the Term “Comic Con” Goes to Trial

A federal court in California recently rejected a motion by the San Diego Comic Convention and will hear whether the mark COMIC-CON is generic.
Why US Companies Should Be Aware of the Long-Arm of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation covers nearly any personal data gathered on persons physically in the Union, regardless of citizenship status or geographic location of the organization.
Indiana Sees Growth in Start-Up Funding

The Indianapolis area, booming with local start-ups and growing industry focus in technology and healthcare, is well positioned to peak the interests of private equity firms and venture capitalists from around the country, and create investment opportunities that will draw in a variety of investors.
Court Rejects Trust Modification to Add a Removal Provision

It is becoming increasingly common for beneficiaries to want to create a power to remove trustees of their trusts, when the trust agreement does not grant them this power. 
Updated Kentucky Tax Regulations on the Horizon

Kentucky taxpayers and their advisors need guidance upon which they can rely that helps flesh out Kentucky tax laws. The Department has promulgated administrative tax regulations that do just that for sales taxes, income taxes, property taxes, and other taxes.
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