March 8, 2017

Dear Boston Green Tourism Members, 

Our next meeting will be Thursday from 2:30 to 4:00 at Fairmont Copley PlazaForum Room, lower lobby.
I hope you can come!


Boston Green Tourism Meeting

March 9, 2017
Location : Fairmont Copley Plaza, Forum Room, lower lobby
Hosts :      George Terpilowski, Jean-Francois Lincourt, Eric Ulvila, Brooke Lizotte

2:30 to 2:40     


2:40 to 2:45

Dan Ruben 

2:45 to 3:05
Proper LED Selection for Lighting Upgrades;  
Leveraging Ownership Dollars to Support Hotel Projects
Eric Ulvila, Director of Engineering, Fairmont Copley Plaza 

3:05 to 3:30   
Energy Storage Solution - Introduction & Benefits;
Heat Pump Water Heaters in Hotels - Engineering & Economics
John Pifer, Director of Engineered Systems, OpTerra Energy Services  

3:30 to 3:45
2017 Mass Save Incentives for Hotels; Success Stories       
Kevin Lubinger, Program Manager, Energy Efficiency, Eversource

3:45 to 4:05
Parking Guidance Systems             
Dave Radford, CEO and President of Q Free Boston


 Go Boston 2030 Vision and Action Plan Released

Mayor Walsh released the Go Boston 2030 Vision and Action Plan yesterday. It's intended to, "address long-term inequality, increase economic mobility, and improve climate resiliency within our neighborhoods, across the city, and throughout the region."

The plan is comprised of 58 short-term and long-term projects and policies that will be implemented over the next 15 years. GoBoston 2030 aims to reduce single-occupancy car use while increasing the popularity of mass transit, biking, walking and carpooling.

Some of the projects: restructured bus routes, exclusive bus lanes, smart traffic lights, lower speed limits on certain roads and expanding the Hubway bike-share system.

The City will also create mobility "microhubs" that have, in close proximity, multiple transportation services such as Hubway bikes, buses, trains, ride-hailing vehicles and EV charging stations.


Hotel Thermostat Brouhaha

A Wall Street Journal article ( It's Not You: Hotel Thermostats Really Are Rigged, Scott McCartney, January 25) explores guest complaints about hotel guestroom energy management systems (GREMS). The author cited two main issues:
  • Guests can't properly control the in-room temperature.
  • GREMS don't detect sound sleepers, and assumes the room is unoccupied.
I asked Matt Fagan of  SMARTCON Solutions for his take. He said that these problems are unusual and easy to fix.
The first problem can be solved simply by allowing the guests a wide temperature range when the room is occupied. Matt said that hotels commonly enable guests to turn the temperature 6 degrees above or below the baseline.
Regarding the second issue, if a GREMS doesn't detect a sound sleeper, it's usually because the sensor isn't located well; the sensor isn't coordinated with a door switch that's dedicated to the GREMS; or the sensor's battery (on a non-wireless system) is dead. These matters, too, are easy to resolve.


Soundproofing companies have a solution for hotels that are impacted penetrating street noise. They developed a "second" window that's installed in front of the existing one. By getting the material, air space and seal right, street noise volume can be reduced by 95%. Soundproofing windows cut energy use, too.

Hotels not ready to make such an investment can reduce noise to a small degree by patching leaky window seals and incorporating double and triple pane windows.


The following meeting will be 2:30 to 4:00. 

March 9
 Fairmont Copley Plaza
April 27  Taj Boston
May 25  
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October 12  
December 7 Le Meridien

See you Thursday at Fairmont Copley Plaza!

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