June 21, 2017

Dear Boston Green Tourism Members, 

Our next meeting will be tomorrow (Thursday) June 22 from 2:30 to 4:05  at 
at Hyatt Regency Boston  in the Dedham Room, floor 4.

I hope you can come!


Boston Green Tourism Meeting

June 22, 2017
Location Hyatt Regency Boston
Hosts :     Terry Dunbar, Brian Gorski and Ganga Singh

2:30 to 2:40     

2:40 to 2:45
Dan Ruben 
2:45 to 2:50
Hyatt Regency Boston's Recent Green Initiatives, Including Installation of Belimo Energy Valves  
Brian Gorski, Director of Engineering, Hyatt Regency Boston
2:50 to 3:30   
Preventative Maintenance for Hotels: Duct Cleaning,  Coil Cleaning, Filter Care and Furnishings 
Dave Ableman, VP Operations, Protek
3:30 to 3:45
Natural Gas Energy Efficiency Program
David Clark, Lead Energy Efficiency Representative, National Grid

3:45 to 4:05
Filta Environmental Kitchen Solutions:
Fryer Management, Controlling Moisture in Refrigerators
Paul Reissfelder, Boston Franchise Owner, Filta Environmental Kitchen Solutions
Joanna Reissfelder, Operations Manager, Filta Environmental Kitchen Solutions


Two Green and Lucrative Laundry Solutions: 
Wastewater Recycling and Ozone Laundry

Hotels save water and energy by installing wastewater recycling systems in their laundries--and these investments can be lucrative. 

The Grand Hyatt in Seattle, which does laundry for two hotels totaling 771 rooms, installed an  AquaRecycle wastewater recovery system for ~$100,000. That system filters and sterilizes the laundry discharge water--and returns it for reuse. 

The simple payback for this project was under a year. The system saves water (4.4 million gallons / year), natural gas (13,400 therms / year) and electricity (23,000 kWh / year). The US. Department of Energy case study is  here.

Royal Hospitality Services, Inc., which serves many Boston hotels, recycles its wastewater, too. By doing this, they cut their water use by 70%. You can read about RHSI's impressive green practices  here.

The Charleston Place Hotel, a 440-room South Carolina property, installed a $42,200 ozone cleaning system for their laundry. The simple payback was 2.6 years. The system saves water and natural gas, while slightly increasing their electricity use. The U.S. D.O.E. case study is  here


Clean the World (CTW) collects soap and other hygiene products from hotels and processes them into new products. CTW then distributes them to impoverished people, including homeless veterans, to improve their hygiene and prevent disease.

CTW is eight years old--and has grown remarkably fast. Sixteen percent of U.S. hotels send them their used amenities. By the end of 2018, CTW will have centers in seven countries. 


The following meeting will be 2:30 to 4:00. 

June 22  Hyatt Regency Boston
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December 7 Le Meridien

See you Thursday at Hyatt Regency Boston!

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