April 25, 2017

Dear Boston Green Tourism Members, 

Our next meeting will be Thursday from 2:30 to 4:00 at Taj Boston. Check the reader board in the lobby for the room location.  
I hope you can come!


Boston Green Tourism Meeting

April 27, 2017
Location Taj Boston. Check reader board in lobby for room location.
Hosts :      Carlos Bueno and Maureen Albright

2:30 to 2:40     


2:40 to 2:45

Dan Ruben 

2:45 to 3:00
Taj Boston's Recent Green Initiatives
Maureen Albright, Director of Engineering, Taj Boston

3:00 to 3:35   
Healthy Indoor Air with Energy Savings
Kevin Fahey, Director of Sales, AtmosAir 

3:35 to 3:55
New Charlestown Food Waste Recovery Plant:
What it Means for Hotels and our Region
Erik Levy, Founder and President, Save That Stuff

Green Tour of Taj Boston
Maureen Albright, Director of Engineering, Taj Boston


Mandarin Oriental Boston's Chiller Plant Optimization Project Saves > $60,000 / Year
Last summer, Mandarin Oriental Boston contracted with Siemens to install the Demand Flow Chilled Water System for their two, ten-year-old Trane chillers.
The Mandarin's chillers are controlled by the Siemens building management system (BMS). Siemens started the project by studying the chiller system's operating characteristics and identifying opportunities for improvement. They estimated that by installing more controls, fine-tuning the system's sequencing and adding a variable frequency drive to the condenser water pump, they could reduce energy use by 30%.
The project cost $115,000, including the Mass Save incentives provided by Eversource. The Mandarin expected to save $60,000 per year-a payback of roughly two years.
In the five months since the Demand Flow system was installed, the Mandarin's chiller system consumed 527,000 kWh--compared to 838,000 kWh had the project not been completed. The savings, based on 15.5 cents / kWh, is already over $48,000. Because energy savings have exceeded expectations and the price of energy has gone up, the project payback will be well under two years.
Ed Dustin, the Mandarin's Director of Engineering, called the installation process "painless." He pointed out that the system will prolong the chiller system's life and give the hotel a marketing boost.
Mr. Dustin said that any hotel with large tonnage chillers that still have constant speed pumps on the chilled water or condenser water side would benefit from chiller plant optimization. The biggest efficiency gains for the Mandarin have come from optimizing the condenser water pump flow in the shoulder seasons. They have also benefited from optimizing the chilled water temperature and secondary chilled water pressure; and because their first chiller is now so efficient that the second chiller runs less often.

credit_ linkedin.com

Better Buildings Challenge SWAP: Boston vs. Atlanta
The U.S. Department of Energy conducted a videotaped energy efficiency contest between Boston and Atlanta. 

Engineers and energy officials from Atlanta looked for energy efficiency opportunities at Boston Public Library; the Joseph F. Casazza Public Works Facility where the City's vehicles are maintained; and Boston's streetlights.  Boston engineers looked for opportunities at Atlanta's airport, fire stations, a water treatment complex,
You can see the three entertaining, 8-10 minute videos  herehere and  here. Some of the recommendations that came from the contestants: 
  • Conduct quarterly energy walks to identify building operation issues, behavioral issues (staff leaving machines running, etc.), and opportunities for improvement.
  • Use performance contracts to finance projects when capital budget funding isn't available, 
  • Install more variable frequency drives. 
  • Take advantage of natural light by using dimmable lights and lighting controls.  
What struck me was that having engineers review each other's buildings was a valuable exercise. Each side found opportunities that their peers overlooked.


Anthony Cuthbertson, Newsweek, February 9

Hotel Business, January 30

There are many efficient washing machine brands on the market now. Perhaps the most unique is the Xeros washer which cleans using nylon beads. Their machines use 80% less water, 50% less energy and 50% less detergent than conventional washers.

The  Hilton Los Angeles/Universal City has three machines. Each saves  $2,200 per month in water and energy costs. Hotels buying these machines pay a $1500 / month service contract for maintenance and for, "the collection and replacement of the beads."


The following meeting will be 2:30 to 4:00. 

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