June 19, 2017

Dear Boston Green Tourism Members,  

Our next meeting will be Thursday June 22 from 2:30 to 4:00  at Hyatt Regency Boston  in the Dedham Room, floor 4.
I thank our hosts:Terry Dunbar,  Brian Gorski and Ganga Singh. 
I hope you can come!

Brian Gorski Director of Engineering, Hyatt Regency Boston

Mr. Gorski will discuss the hotel's recent and upcoming green projects, including its installation of intelligent  Belimo Energy Valves. This product  uses sensors and cloud-based analytics to optimize chilled water-flow in HVAC systems. By doing so, the system works less hard--saving the hotel's kWh's and therms and improving guestroom comfort.

Dave Ableman, VP Operations, Protek

Mr. Ableman will discuss preventative maintenance for hotels in the areas of duct cleaning, coil cleaning and filter care; and preserving furnishings (wood, leather and upholstery).

David Clark, Lead Energy Efficiency Representative National Grid

Mr. Clark will review the National Grid, Natural Gas Energy Efficiency Program and how it relates to the hotel industry.

Paul ReissfelderBoston Franchise Owner,   Filta Environmental Kitchen Solutions
Joanna Reissfelder , Operations Manager, Filta Environmental Kitchen Solutions

The speakers will describe two Filta solutions that are well-suited for hotel restaurants: FiltaFry and FiltaCool.

FiltaFry is a full fryer management service. Filta staff perform on-site micro-filtration of cooking oil--which enables cooking oil reuse, reduces disposal costs, improves food quality and enhances employee safety. They also conduct vacuum-based cleaning and temperature calibration for fryers.

FiltaCool retards food spoilage by controlling the moisture levels of refrigeration units and walk-in coolers.    

Filta serves several large Boston hotels and Fenway Park.


Boston Medical Center and Partners HealthCare Chiefs Urge Civic Leaders to Set Ambitious Carbon Reduction Goals

In their Boston Globe editorial (Boston's health care sector is on front line of climate readiness, Boston Globe, June 15), Kate Walsh, President and CEO of Boston Medical Center (BMC) and Dr. David Torchiana, President and CEO of Partners HealthCare urged their fellow civic leaders to establish strong carbon reduction goals.

They also encouraged support for the Climate Ready Boston program, the City's initiative to improve our resilience to climate change impacts.

The authors called climate change, "the greatest health threat of the century," and that Boston is the U.S.'s fourth most climate-vulnerable city. Given Boston's location and geography, a direct hit from a hurricane like Superstorm Sandy could cost $30 billion, and severely damage our infrastructure.

Boston hospitals have cut their carbon footprint by 33% already, through energy efficiency projects and renewable energy purchases. BMC plans to be carbon neutral by 2018, and Partners plans to be carbon positive by 2025. 


Presentation to Staff: 
How to Cut Your Expenses by Going Green

I give a (free) talk at hotels, other businesses and public libraries called, "How to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint by 85% and Be Happier than Ever." It helps people live a greener lifestyle while reducing their living expenses. 

This presentation benefits hotel staff directly and helps them understand hotel green programs.

Please contact me if you want me give this presentation to your green team or other staff.


Sustainability "How-To Guide" Series:
Global Green Cleaning
Jennifer Corbett-Shramo, Dan Wagner, Palle Esbensen, Bill Conley, Dorothy Scholnick, IFMA Foundation, 2017.

Green cleaning programs are safe for staff and guests, improve indoor air quality and reduce costs.

This 70-page guide helps housekeeping managers develop and refine their green cleaning program. It describes green cleaning products and equipment; their impact on staff and guests; what various terms and certifications mean; how to make the business case for green cleaning; and how to measure results.

The guide's case studies describe training programs for staff, program implementation strategies, costs, benefits, challenges and results. 

The green cleaning industry has become increasingly sophisticated and complete --and it continues to evolve. The authors predict where the industry is heading.


The following meeting will be 2:30 to 4:00. 

June 22 Hyatt Regency Boston
Sept. 14  
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December 7 Le Meridien

See you Thursday at Hyatt Regency Boston!

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