May 2, 2019

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Climate Resilience Guidelines 
Released by  A Better City

These documents were written to help building owners and managers make their properties more resilient.
* "Climate Resilience Template: The template provides a structure for resilience planning based on best practices and existing resources. The steps take you from creating an internal team through resilience strategy implementation. 
* Climate Resilience Workbook: The workbook is a compendium to the template, providing an excel format to work through each stage of a resilience plan based on data specific to your property. 
* Vendor List: As some properties do not have the resources to complete all stages of resiliency planning, a list of experienced professionals and the climate resiliency services they offer is also provided."

Mary Serreze, The Republican, January 23

The MA DEP continues to inspect trash going to landfills and incinerators for waste ban violations. They require the recycling of paper, cardboard, glass, plastic, metal containers, construction materials and yard waste.
In 2018, eight companies were fined for violations and 119 received citations. The companies cited had to submit action plans for complying with the ordinance.


Electric Vehicle Car Share Services

Does your hotel offer a car share service like Zipcar or Enterprise? If so, you might  consider offering  shared electric vehicles (SEV's), because they have significant  advantages.
  • Few things burnish a business's green reputation as electric cars do. Research shows that  Millennials are particularly  interested   in sustainable products like EV's.
  • Many people are intrigued by EV's and would like to drive one before buying their next car. You can provide that opportunity by offering EV's at your property.
  • Some SEV companies have a 24/7 service that reduces the headaches associated with operating an on-site car share program.
  • Car share companies charge both by the hour and by the mile. SEV companies have a competitive  hourly rate. However, they charge only half as much per mile, because it's so cheap to fuel and maintain EV's.
Hotels that start to offer SEV's might need to add EV charging stations first. 

One SEV company that serves hotels is  Greenspot Smart Mobility Unlike most car share services,  Greenspot doesn't charge hotels for keeping their cars onsite.

Chemical-Free Water Treatment Systems Save Money and Improve Safety
Water treatment is necessary to protect hotel HVAC  equipment. It prevents mineral scale formation on pipes, controls biological activity and inhibits corrosion. Water treatment is used for cooling towers, hot and chilled water loops, swimming pools and  fountains.  

In recent years, many commercial buildings have replaced their chemical-treatments with a  sphagnum moss product called ProMoss
Properties that use ProMoss cut their water and sewer bills substantially. The moss absorbs metals like calcium, iron and magnesium through a cation reaction. Because the mineral buildup in water  is slowed, properties don't need to flush this water (called blowdown) as often. 

Wyndham Cypress Palms, which has a 500 ton cooling tower, cut its makeup water use by 
ProMoss is safe for maintenance staff and the environment, in contrast to water treatment chemicals. Instead of handling hazardous chemicals, staff  simply replace a few bags of moss each month. Properties that use moss can ignore the many environmental regulations associated with  hazardous chemicals use.

Guests who use moss-treated swimming pools and  spas also benefit, because moss reduces chlorine and bromine use. ProMoss enables pool operators to use only the minimum amount of chlorine required by law (1 ppm), rather than the typical amount (3 - 5 ppm), thereby reducing the smell of chlorine and the corrosion that it causes.  
Lastly, low-dose ozone disinfection systems can be used in conjunction with ProMoss to 
meet  the most rigorous Legionella standards. Technicians test the water monthly for bacteria 
and  legionella.
If you're curious about using sphagnum moss for your hotel's water treatment system, attend 
the event described below, or contact Dan Cook of Conservation Solutions   [, 978-266-1900].


Conservation Solutions is holding a seminar at the Nightshift Brewery ( 87 Santilli Highway, Everett ) on May 8 from 12:00 to 3:00. The subject:  how businesses can benefit by using sustainable Sphagnum Moss (ProMoss™) for their water treatment systems. 

Dr. David Knighton, M. D., co-founder of Creative Water Solutions, will speak about ProMoss™ water treatment for:

Applications                                                Benefits
* Cooling Towers                                        * Saves Water
* Evaporators                                              *Saves Energy
* Heat Exchangers                                     * Eliminates Hazardous Chemicals
* Hot Water Loops                                      * Eliminates calcite Scale
* Chilled Water Loops                                 * Effectively Controls bacteria/Legionella
* Fountains                                                 * Meets NY's Rigorous Legionella Requirements
* Pools
* Spas
See this  invitation and the article above for more information.


Shelley Lotz, Green Lodging News, April 5
The author discusses environmental best practices for spas and wellness programs. She describes how to save water, energy, chemicals and waste; and how to market your programs' green achievements to attract more customers.
Center for EcoTechnology, March 2019
This 4-minute video depicts the Lenox Hotel's food waste diversion program. The hotel donates over 80 meals per month to needy people, and sends over 300,000 pounds of food waste per year to a compost facility. The program cuts the Lenox's waste disposal costs and it doesn't increase staff workload.
RecyclingWorks Massachusetts helped the Lenox set up and expand their program. They offer free assistance to businesses that want to reduce or divert food waste. You can reach them at and 888-254-5525.
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