Behavioral Health
Inpatient Psychiatric Facility Collaborative Newsletter
August 2018

Part II of Recommendations for Transition Communication

Helping patients successfully transition between levels of care requires communication between all supporting entities. This month, we discuss additional recommendations that can ensure the effective communication necessary for a successful transition following hospitalization.
Recommendations for All Patients:
  • Ascertain if the patient has a case manager (through their county, a local clinic, their healthcare plan, etc.) and if so, notify them of the patient's hospitalization.  Involve the care manager in the development of the care plan and in any changes to the plan.
  • Develop a universal patient care plan template that can be used by all outpatient providers as well as by patients who may have difficulty with the widely varying formats and information of other care plans.
  • Utilize a patient health record that is maintained by the patient and is brought to and reviewed at all patient/provider encounters. (
  • Provide access to hospital electronic health records for those facilities who commonly receive patients transitioned from that hospital.
  • Develop a brief video as a shared resource for teaching purposes, that orients the patient/family/caretaker to the need for transitions in care and prepares them for continuing care in an outpatient setting (including both mental health and primary care providers).
IPF Collaborative Call 

The July collaborative call was a webinar training on Behavior Activation, an evidenced-based approach for treating depression. The importance of reactivating a patient following discharge from the hospital was also addressed. 
This month's call will focus on the importance of connecting patients to meaningful activities following hospitalization, as a way to avoid relapse and readmissions. Please feel free to invite any staff members that could benefit from this training (including your therapists)!  We look forward to talking with you soon.
Mark Your Calendars for this Important Date

Thursday, August 30, 2018
1:00-2:00 pm EST
Access Code: 5273638 
Preventing Relapse:  Connecting Your Patients to Meaningful Activities Following Hospitalization
  • Learn how to help patients identify activities meaningful to them
  • Teach patients how to avoid relapse and decrease isolation through involvement in activities
  • Find out how other IPFs overcome challenges and obstacles
  • Share successes and how those were achieved
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