January 15, 2021 Jumada I 24, 1442 AH
Congrats to Faris Elnager on his acceptance into MIT! 
MIT is one of the most sought-after and highly selective universities in the U.S. In fact, of the 20,000 applications they receive, they only accept 7% of those students. BHA extends its heartiest congratulations to Faris and the Elnager Family. May Allah bless his journey and make it successful.
Tarbiyah Matters (Dr. Omran)
Noble Endeavor: Islamic Identity
“Indeed, the most noble of you in the sight of Allah is the most of righteous to you.”

As Muslim parents, we always strive to raise our children to be happy, well-rounded, confident with strong character. While we employ many methods to guide our children in the right path, our main efforts should focus on building Islamic identity.
Having a strong sense of identity, a sense of who we are, our moral values and practices has an important impact on our character. These are our important conviction in establishing Islamic Identity to help our students deal with the challenges and negativities they unfortunately face in the real world.
Important practices to boost Islamic Identity:
1: Teach your children the main constants (thawabit) of Islam, pillars of Islam and Iman, love of Allah swt, love of his prophets, love of companions (sahabah), and Islamic heroes and role models.
2: Teach them that Islam is a beautiful religion that Allah swt has chosen for Muslims so that they may be purified physically, emotionally and mentally.
3: Teach them to always connect with the Holy Quran and Hadith. Make it a habit to recite and reflect on some Ayat and Ahadith.
4: Teach them who Allah loves most and who is most honorable in His eyes.
5: Explain to them what it means to be a Muslim and the beautiful quality of Muslims.
6: Demonstrate love for Islam and always practice what you preach.
7: Remember that our children may forget what we say and will always remember what they see.

May Allah swt grant us His tawfeeq to raise our children with strong Islamic identity and character. Ameen.
Kindergarten Seasons Video
KG Showcase
How the World Works Showcase of Learning video done by BHA kindergarteners! They learned all about the four seasons.
Covid Update
Vaccination Info
Parkland has opened up COVID vaccine appointments for people over 65.  
Instructions on how to get appointments follow. There is also Mesquite location.
Covid-19 Vaccine Scheduling Process:
(Dallas County & Parkland Hospital):

1 Go to mychart.pmh.org
2 Open an ACCOUNT with Parkland Hospital
3 Log in giving all relevant information (for 1B category)
4 Get a CODE (to you phone/email)
5 Enter the Code and complete opening an account with Parkland Hospital System
6 Go to Quick Links (on the right side of the screen) and choose SCHEDULE APPOINTMENT
7 Select appointment of COVID-19
8. Select 1B category, as applicable
10. Note your schedule information
11. Log Off

After you get the appointment make sure you do the E-CheckIn on the website as well
Continuous Enrollment
We are pleased to introduce a more streamlined and effective method of re-enrollment at BHA: continuous enrollment. As a current BHA family member, this process will provide an exceptionally simple way to stay enrolled at BHA; your students will seamlessly progress through grade levels without the annual speed bump of re-enrollment.
Updated COVID Protocol
ISF Quran Institute
Enrollment is now open!
Important Dates

Student Holiday- No School

Report Cards Issued
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