April 2, 2021 Sha'ban 20, 1442 AH
Passing Allah's Inevitable Tests

Allah SWT said:
“Who has created death and life that He may test which of you is best in deed.”(67:2)

It is indeed Allah’s certain Sunnah that in this Dunia (Life) we will be tried and tested in our health, wealth and properties.

The Prophet SAAW said: “the extent of the reward will be in accordance with the extent of the trial. If Allah loves people, He tries them, and whoever is content will have contentment, and whoever is angry will have anger." (Tirmidhi)

When Allah SWT tests us and we pass the test successfully, we are not the same people anymore. We are now better equipped for further challenges and obstacles. Our Iman in Allah SWT becomes stronger, and we become more hopeful of future success.
Allah SWT said: “No calamity occurs, but by the permission of Allah and whoever believes in Allah, He guides his heart. And Allah is the All-Knower of everything."(64:11)

Allah SWT tests are different for different people. Allah SWT tests some people with illness, others with poverty or emotional stress. Also, He SWT tests some people with fame, wealth & prosperity. How come wealth, fame and prosperity considered tests, also? In absence of difficulties and hardships, anybody can deal with such joyous circumstances. During these “good times”, we tend to forget about Allah SWT , death, and the Day of Judgement. Consequently, we may start losing our strong level of Iman. Allah SWT said: “Indeed mankind was created anxious: when evil touches him, impatient. And when good touches him, withholding.” ( 70:19-21).

We pray to Allah SWT to make us among those who always show Alhamd and Alshukr (Thankfulness and gratitude) to His blessings. Ameen.

Water Well in Honor of Ihab Muhanna
The Behavioral Counseling Department is humbled to share the completion of the fundraiser that was launched for Br. Ihab Muhanna (rahmatullahi alaih).

Allahu Akbar! Please take the time to watch the attached video to see the launch of the water well in a village in Mali. It truly shakes the heart to see the shukr and sheer happiness of these villagers in finally having a water source close to home that they may benefit from.  We pray that every drop of water that benefits the villagers are good deeds that will weigh heavily on Br Ihab's scale until the Day of Judgement.
This is just a small effort we wanted to do to honor his legacy with BHA and it would not have been possible without the help and efforts of the entire BHA
community at large. We thank each and every one of you that contributed.
Truly, Br. Ihab was beloved by all and he left a mark on everyone he met.
We miss him greatly.
We ask that Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala continue to grant his family sabrun jameel. Please continue to keep him in your du'as as well as his family.

As it was related by the sahabah, the Prophet (PBUH) said,
Whosoever digs a well will receive reward for that from Allah on the Day of Judgement when anyone among jinn, men, and birds drink from it” (Bukhari and Muslim).
Again, may Allah accept this sadaqah jariyah from all who were involved in this endeavor!
Annual Athletic Banquet
KG's Fun with Science!
Sharing the planet provocation

Kindergartners made a connection to planet Mars and did an awesome experiment with dry ice with our 5th grade science teacher.
They also learned about our natural resource!
Mad Science Show!
ECE Students got to experience a Mad Science show today!

March Madness!

A special thank you to our PTO for sponsoring Senior March Madness! March Madness is a way to entice our senior to come on campus to have a sense of normalcy!

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