April 9, 2021 Sha'ban 27, 1442 AH
Welcome Ramadan - Ramadan Kareem
Responsibility Requires Commitment

Insha’Allah, we will soon be blessed to witness the holy month of Ramadan.
We ask Allah SWT to grant us His tawfeeq to seize this golden opportunity to boost our ibadat and self-purification.

Allah SWT says: "And thus we have made you a just community that you will be witnesses over the people” 2:143
The responsibility of being witnesses over the people is what is a major task here.
The fact that the believer stands to gain so much from this season, makes the preparation for this ever more important.

Here are some important actions toward cultivating great rewards and achieving self purification in Ramadan:

  1. Intention & Determination – Intention creates determination; which in turn produces the passion and desire to achieve the goal of taqwa.
  2. Relationship with Quran – Make special arrangements during this month for recitation, listening, understanding and reflecting on the verses of Quran
  3. Commit to Ta’ah (obedience) to Allah SWT and stay away from sins. Make a special effort to guard your tongue during this month. Make a habit every night to assess your day before going to sleep. Make immediate Istighfar and tawbah (repentance) if you have committed a sin during your day.
  4. Seek Opportunities for Good Deeds. During Ramadan the reward for every good deed (Nawafil) rises to the level of the reward of obligatory acts (Faraidh). We should seek all such opportunities in worship and relationships
  5. Qiyam Al-layl – To stand the night in prayer and recite from the Quran is one of the most effective methods of attaining (Taqwa).
  6. Thikr and dua’a (Remembrance of Allah swt) – Remembrance of Allah is important throughout our lives, but is even more important during the month of Ramadan.
  7. Observe Laylatul Qadr (The Night of power)– In this night Quran was revealed. Seize this unique opportunity to win great hasanat & rewards
  8. Spend for the Sake and Pleasure of Allah (Charity) – Charity is considered the second most important act of worship after prayers. Give for the sake of Allah without any fear of poverty. Give to your relatives, the orphans and poor to the best of your ability.
May Allah SWT accept our Seyam and Qiyam.

ISF's Virtual Fundraiser
BHA Student Accepted into
2 Highly Selective Universities!
Congratulations to Faris Elnager who received an acceptance to both MIT, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Rice University mashallah!

May Allah protect him and put barakah in his journey.
He is a humble young man and definitely a shining star!

Behavioral Counseling
As we as a community still grapple with the heartbreaking news of the events that happened this past week in Allen, we know as parents, we are all especially fearful and concerned with the topic of mental health for our families and children.

Please see the infographics below that may be of benefit to you and your families.

We make du'a that Allah protects each and every one of our children.

Please reach out if you need anything from us at behavioralcounselors@bhaprep.org.
BHA Student Wins First Place in MIST Tournament!
BHA Junior, Abdul-Rehman Asif, won first place in the MIST(Muslim Interscholastic Tournament) Boys Quran Recitation Tournament for Dallas and NJ, mashAllah!

InshAllah, he looks forward to competing in the national tournament as well! 

Best of luck to you Abdul-Rahman!

Mayor Scott LeMay Visits ECE!
Mayor Scott LeMay and BHA Chairman Said Said visited BHA fifth graders and answered student questions related to the UN Global Goals and local community issues for their IB PYP Exhibition.

Ramadan Dismissal
Student Council - Ramadan Goals
Annual Athletic Banquet
Order your Yearbook!
How to purchase your Yearbook:
  1. Complete the order form. Click HERE!
  2. Send $50 per copy to Finance on Zelle! (finance@bhaprep.org)
  • Include "Yearbook" in the memo.

Copy will be reserved when form has been completed and payment has been received.
AP Exam Dates
Senior Graduation
Stop It App
Please remember that the STOPit App was created for you to use to report any type of behavior that makes you uncomfortable.

This app is 100% anonymous.
Download the app and use the password BHAListens.

STOPit Admins will address the matter right away.

We all have the right to feel safe, comfortable, and heard at school. Your voice helps us.
Muslim Radio Dallas
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Muslim Radio Dallas for Islamic talk and entertainment!
Important Dates

April 12th
Ramadan Begins (Tentative Date)

April 13th
Interim Report Cards Issued

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