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September 3, 2021

Muharram 26, 1443 AH

Tarbiyah Reminder

Cooperation and Good Deeds

Allah swt says in in Surat Almaida, Ayah 2:

“And Help you one another in Al-Birr and Al-Taqwa( virtue, righteousness and piety) but do not help each other in sin and transgression. And fear Allah, Allah is severe in punishment.”

Shaikh Ratib Alnabulsi thoroughly commented on this ayah. He said that “ Every command in the Quran implied an obligation unless it is clearly stated otherwise. It means that any command necessitates obligation, and any prohibition requires avoidance.”

So, the command to collaborate in this Ayah implies an obligation and command.

It is interesting to reflect at the relationship between the nature of our creation and the religious obligations we receive from Allah swt. It is evident that our nature the opposes the obligations. so When Allah swt commands us to pray five times a day, the first of these prayers being the fajr prayer, we have to wake up for that Salah, whereas our body’s initial response is stay sleeping .Therefore, there is a conflict and a struggle between the desire to sleep and the need to wake up for fajr. It is the same when Allah swt commanded to lower our gaze, one’s natural instinct is to let our glance wander around. Therefore, there is a conflict between one’s instinct and the religious obligation. This struggle between these two (one’s natural instinct and religious obligations and practices is the price we pay for Al-Jannah. When Allah swt commands us to spend and donate for His sake, our earthly and muddy nature initially rejects that and prefers to save that for oneself. That is the price we pay for Aljannah.

When Allah swt commands us to collaborate with Birr (Virtue) and taqwa (righteousness). Our earthly nature prefers working alone to prove our selfishness, individuality and solitude.

May Allah swt make us among those who always strive to fulfill our Islamic obligations as established in Al-Quran Al-kareem & Al-Sunnah Al-Nabawiyyah… Ameen

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