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October 12, 2018
BHA Office Open Today

Bald Head Association is open today until 4pm. Contact 910-457-4676 x21 for assistance.
Important Debris Removal Instructions

As a reminder, here is a link to the instructions the Village of BHI issued for the removal and sorting of storm-related debris. Please take time to review them to help speed up the process.

CLICK HERE for the instructions.
Common Area Storm Report

During Hurricane Florence, BHA's improved Common Areas were largely unaffected. There was significant vegetative debris around the Association Center but thankfully only a small piece of a roof shingle was destroyed. There was no flooding and the rest of the building is intact. The Wildlife Overlook did not fare as well, however, and is closed until further notice. Once the platform is repaired and the rest of structure is inspected and deemed safe, BHA will announce a date for it to be reopened.
Update Your Contact Information, Please

The Village and BHA discovered outdated contact information for several property owners while attempting to follow-up with emergency response information resulting from Hurricane Florence. It is essential that property owners update their contact information with both BHA and the Village. Send an email to Diane Mesaris ( and Gina Hinson ( with your updated contact information.
Tree/Limb Removal Approval

After Hurricane Florence hit Bald Head Island in September with its Category I winds and rains, many trees, limbs and understory were unfortunately affected. Property owners should know that all Architectural Review Committee (ARC) Design Guidelines, including guidelines for trees, limbs and understory, remain in place. However, Bald Head Association understands the need for a more immediate response to public safety issues. There are three levels of dealing with post-storm trees and landscape issues: Emergency Level I, Special ARC Review Level II and Regular ARC Review Level III. CLICK HERE to review the details for each of these levels.
Exterior Structure Repair Approval

During October and November 2018, BHA's Architectural Review Committee will facilitate interim reviews to address certain storm-related changes, such as roof materials and/or paint colors. These interim reviews are available for storm-related submittals that would cause hardship to wait for the regularly scheduled
ARC meeting. Fees for storm-related submittals may be waived. Call the ARC Office to begin this process.

CLICK HERE to learn more.
Use of Temporary, Portable Storage Containers Approved for Storm-Related Repairs

In the wake of Hurricane Florence, many property, owners dealing with storm-related home damages from wind, rain and/or flooding may need the use of a temporary storage facility during cleanup and repairs. Temporary, portable storage containers (brand names such as PODS, PACK-RAT and U-PACK) have been approved for use on Bald Head Island by both the Bald Head Association (BHA) Board of Directors
and the Village of BHI, with some parameters.

CLICK HERE to learn more.
Post-Storm Resources

Several sources of post-storm information are available for property owners. A new 'Resources Page' featuring credible information from governmental agencies was added to BHA's website. CLICK HERE to view the new page which  answers post-Hurricane Florence questions regarding properly handling trees, limbs and understory damage; exterior structure repairs and the architectural review process; cautions when hiring general contractors; how to file an insurance claim; handling mold and moisture issues in your home; mosquitoes; golf carts; homeowner quick tips; and several links to additional information from the CDC, EPA, FEMA and more.

A small group of property owners have spent a significant amount of time providing answers to specific questions from property owners about recovery efforts and clean up. The new web site can be found at
Use Caution When Hiring
a General Contractor

In North Carolina, general contractors only need to be licensed for work generating $30,000 or more (NC Licensing Board for General Contractors, "A Consumer's Guide To Protecting Yourself After A Disaster"). 

CLICK HERE for a brochure from the NC Licensing Board for Contractors on selecting a contractor after a storm. Check your general contractor with the NC Licensing Board HERE.

You may also want to visit BHA's Island Service Provider's List on BHA's web site by CLICKING HERE.

Most importantly, be sure to check with your friends and neighbors to learn of their experiences.
BHA's Emergency Communications

During and following Hurricane Florence, some questions arose regarding emergency response procedures and communications on Bald Head Island as it relates to Bald Head Association. 

Like all municipalities in the US, the Village of BHI is Bald Head Island's chartered municipality and coordinates its Emergency Operations Center (EOC) response with Brunswick County following a natural disaster. The Village of BHI works with the Brunswick County EOC for weather updates, real-time emergency updates and more. 

Whenever the Village provides updates to property owners who've signed up to receive the Village's Voice, BHA then forwards the update to its subscriber database and then posts the updates on its web site for later viewing. 
(Not receiving the Village's Voice? CLICK HERE to sign up.)

In some cases, this  process might result in duplicate emails but it is designed to cast as wide a net as possible to get the critical information to owners as soon as is possible.
Welcome Home Community Potluck
Monday, October 22nd at 5:30pm
BHA's Association Center

In an effort to help the BHI community heal, BHA will hold a 'hurricane homecoming' potluck on Monday, October 22nd beginning at 5:30pm at the Association Center. Just bring a dish to share, your favorite beverage and your Hurricane Florence stories to share. Contact Mary Mears at with questions.

CLICK HERE for more information.

Sponsored by BHA's Socialization, Education and Recreation Committee.

Source: Bald Head Island Conservancy
New Service Time at Village Chapel

Just a reminder that beginning Sunday, September 9th through November 25th the Village Chapel will only hold one service each Sunday, beginning at 8:30am. C ontact Pattie Caban, Chapel Administrator, at 910-457-1183 or with questions.
Island Wide Litter Sweep
Post-Storm Community Cleanup
November 25th; 11am-1pm
BHA's Association Center
CLICK HERE for more info.

Upcoming Events on Bald Head 


You can see all of the upcoming events in chronological order on the "Events" portion of our website.  Visit the website at and click on "Events" at the top of the page, or just access the Community Calendar through the link below:  



Click on the below links to view submission deadlines, meeting dates and other information. Remember there will be no meetings in December for either BHA or the Stage II Association.

Also, if you're looking for information about how to get ARC and the Village of BHI required approvals for tree work on your property, give us a call at 910-457-4676 ext 22 . BHA is happy to serve and cooperate with its members to maintain and preserve the beauty of Bald Head Island for all to enjoy.
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