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January 23, 2019
Meeting Weekend Schedule
January 25th - 27th

'Meeting Weekend,' which is coming up this weekend, is a great opportunity for new and even seasoned property owners to learn about the inner workings of BHI. Here's the schedule:

(With the exception of the Conservancy's meeting on Saturday, all other meetings will be held at the Association Center - 111 Lighthouse Wynd.)

Friday, Jan. 25th
The Hammocks Association Annual Meeting -

Saturday, Jan. 26th
  • BHA Annual Meeting - 9am-10:30am*
  • The Villas Association Annual Meeting - 1pm-3:30pm
  • BHI Conservancy Annual Meeting - 1pm-2:30pm
  • Flora's Bluff/Killegray Annual Meeting - 2pm-4pm
  • Village of BHI's Hurricane Florence Listening Session - 4pm-6pm
Sunday, Jan. 27th
Annual Village Chapel Meeting beginning at 11am, with reception and luncheon at the Village Chapel immediately afterward

*See article below for details on submitting voting proxies to BHA.

NOTE: BHA regrets that this year's Smith Island Social has been cancelled due to the damage Hurricane Florence caused to the BHI Club.
Seismic Surveying Permits in Atlantic Halted during Partial Government Shutdown

Last Friday, a federal judge stopped the processing of federal permits by BOEM, the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, for five companies previously authorized to conduct seismic surveying in the Atlantic Ocean from Delaware to Florida. In late November 2018, the National Marine Fisheries Service approved 'incidental harrassment' authorizations for the companies to begin the work.

CLICK HERE to read a News and Observer article about the South Carolina judge who blocked furloughed federal employees from processing the permits required for the seismic surveying to begin.

In North Carolina, Governor Roy Cooper is leading a coalition of governors and attorneys general who intend to block the federal government's plans to conduct seismic surveying, and ultimately offshore exploration.

Additionally, CLICK HERE to read an article by Coastal Review Online about the slew of bills recently introduced by federal and state legislators that would block drilling in the Atlantic.
BHA's 2019 Annual Meeting
Saturday, Jan. 26th at 9am
Association Center

BHA's Annual Meeting will be held this Saturday, January 26th, beginning at 9am at the Association Center. A couple of voting reminders:
  • Proxies must be signed and dated and received by BHA by end of the day on Thursday, Jan. 24th in order to be counted.
  • Proxies can be sent via fax (910-457-4677), email (, or dropped off at the office (111 Lighthouse Wynd).
  • If someone else is voting for you on Saturday, they'll need to bring YOUR signed, dated proxy to give to BHA.
  • Members who wish to vote at the meeting will be given a ballot on Saturday.
Send any questions regarding the meeting, proxy, voting or attendance to Carrie Moffett (

Members who cannot attend the meeting in person may listen via phone. Below is the call-in information:

BHA's Annual Meeting 
Sat, Jan 26, 2019 8:55 AM - 11:55 AM EST 

Please join my meeting using your phone. 
United States: +1 (224) 501-3412 

Access Code: 823-504-301 
BHA Board Requests Input on Future of Wildlife Overlook

BHA's Board of Directors will hold a forum immediately after Saturday's Annual Meeting to receive comments from BHI property owners about the future of the Wildlife Overlook, which is located on Stede Bonnet. Hurricane Florence caused damage to the Overlook's pilings. In light of concerns about human/alligator interactions on the Island, the Board is interested in hearing from property owners whether to repair or remove it. 

Property owners who cannot attend the meeting but would like to submit comments may do so by emailing Carrie at
2019 Assessments

For 2019, BHA assessments include a Basic Assessment and a Special Assessment. The Basic Assessment for an improved property (with a home) is $390 and for an unimproved property is $130 (increased from $345 and $115, respectively). The small increase of $45/$15 in this year's assessment is the first in three years and is necessary to offset incresing costs in areas such as health insurance, commercial/liability insurance and common area maintenance and reserves. There is also a Special Assessment for the Battery 4 purchase, which is the final assessment. It is $161 for an improved property and $54 for an unimproved property. (See the upcoming February Island Report for information about that purchase.) Property owners whose total assessments equals $1,000 or more may choose to pay their assessments in quarterly payments rather than one lump sum. Contact BHA for payment options.

East End properties in former Stage II that are managed by  BHA are subject to additional supplemental dues for expenses specific to those neighborhoods. CLICK HERE to view the list of dues for these individual properties.

Also, there are some communities that may be subject to separate, additional sub-association dues - i.e., Ibis Roost, Lighthouse Landing, Hammocks, etc. BHA  can help with additional contact information for those neighborhoods.  CLICK HERE to view information specific to those neighborhoods, as well as other tax information.

Contact BHA for any questions. Call 910-457-4676, ext. 21 or email
BHA's Boat Park and Community Garden

Spaces are available in BHA's newly expanded boat park and the community garden. Boats that fit the Village ordinance requirements of 16hp/25 feet in length can be stored on an annual basis. The storage area has been completely overhauled and offers wider spaces with a marl entrance and parking area. The community garden area has also undergone a facelift and provides areas for gardeners to plant flowers, vegetables or other items of enjoyment (legal ones, of course!)

Boat park: Contact Ann VerMeulen ( or 910-457-4676 x24.

Community garden: Contact Diane Mesaris ( or 910-457-4676 x21.
Village of BHI Hurricane Task Force Listening Session
Saturday, January 26th; 4-6pm
BHA's Association Center

A quick reminder that the Village's Hurricane Florence Task Force is holding a listening session on Saturday from 4-6pm at the Association Center. The Task Force is  interested in hearing your comments about the event and the recovery process, your thoughts on questions the Task Force should address, and any ideas or suggestions you have about how the Village's response might be improved.
If you are unable to attend in person, you can dial in to the meeting at 712-775-7270 and enter the access code 666791#. If you want to make a comment, please press *6 and you will be added to the queue.
There will also be a video feed of those speaking at the listening session. To view the video feed, go to, click on "Online Meetings" at the top left of the page, and then "Join Meeting".
When asked for the meeting ID, enter "hurricaneflorencetaskforc" (without the final "e").  Choose the "no audio/dial-in separately" option.

In addition, the Task Force is still receiving written public comments at their e-mail address below:
Haven't Registered Your Golf Cart? It's Already Late

All golf carts on BHI must be registered annually before the end of each year through the Village of BHI's Public Safety Department. The initial registration must be completed in person at Public Safety (252 Edward Teach Extension) but renewals can be completed online.

CLICK HERE to view the process on the Village of BHI's web site and to renew registrations. Contact Public Safety at 910-457-5252 with questions.
Card Making Class
Wednesday, Feb. 6th; 2-5pm
CLICK HERE for info.

BADWATER Cape Fear Race
March 16th
CLICK HERE for info.

Annual Boy Scout Breakfast
March 20th (tentative)

Upcoming Events on Bald Head 


You can see all of the upcoming events in chronological order on the "Events" portion of our website.  Visit the website at and click on "Events" at the top of the page, or just access the Community Calendar through the link below:  



Click on the below links to view submission deadlines, meeting dates and other information. 

Also, if you're looking for information about how to get ARC and the Village of BHI required approvals for tree work on your property, give us a call at 910-457-4676 ext 22 . BHA is happy to serve and cooperate with its members to maintain and preserve the beauty of Bald Head Island for all to enjoy.
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