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Second Annual BHC Convening Considered "life-changing" 






On October 16, the California Endowment held its second Annual Statewide Convening, where staff, partners, residents, and youth of the 14 BHC communities across the state came together.  Coachella had the opportunity to take seven partners to the convening that took place at the California Endowment offices in Los Angeles. Ray Amador, a unit director with the Boys & Girls Club, said he enjoyed the ability to "build relationships with partners doing similar work statewide." He attended the breakout sessions on restorative justice work and would like to be a champion of reforming school discipline policies. " I don't think students and parents understand their rights when it comes to school suspension and expulsion practices," said Amador. Miguel Vazquez, a planner with the Riverside County Department of Public Health, also attended and was equally ecstatic. "Am I a healer?" asked Miguel.  "I would like to see a Boys and Men of Color Camp hosted in the Eastern Coachella Valley for our partners at the Central Table.  Miguel enjoyed Dr. Iton's story of being an immigrant and his determination to transform communities of color for the better.  The statewide convening gives everyone the opportunity to learn about work that is happening in the 14 BHC Communities and the California Endowment's statewide efforts.  Rudy Gutierrez a Steering Committee member shared that he "believe[s] every member of the committee should have the opportunity to attend this convening because if it was life changing for me, I can only imagine what it can do for others." BHC Eastern Coachella Valley would like to thank Margarita Luna, Program Manager and all The California Endowment staff that made this event possible. 

East Valley Youth participate in the national elections






As election season draws to a close, many East Valley residents are not only excited with the results; many are feeling a sense of satisfaction that their hard work and dedication has paid off. Youth especially put many hours of work into various campaigns for the East Valley, the Coachella Valley, and California at large.  Karen Borja from Inland Congregations United for Change (ICUC) states "we had over 75 young people and 300 shifts filled in the last three months leading up to the election.  The young people made phone calls, knocked on doors and built relationships in the community." ICUC has worked on strengthening relationships with young people and has been intentional about collaborating with other non-profits and organizations in the area.  Carla Flores, Coachella Valley High School junior said "I am volunteering my time because Proposition 30 is important to me and my family.  Moreover, for a "dreamer like me Proposition 30 is going to ensure my and my family's education. 

Synergy Music and Arts Festival Highlights East Valley Cultural Treasures 






On Saturday, November 17, The Alliance for California Traditional Arts (ACTA) and Building Healthy Communities (BHC) Eastern Coachella Valley (ECV) partnered with Culturas Music and Arts for the unveiling of the Shady Lane mural in Coachella. The event served a dual purpose as it was the unveiling of the mural and a Cultural Treasures Celebration led by ACTA. Cultura's Founder, Claudia "Yaya" Brocamante, says she looks forward to partnering with other organizations/agencies to make this an annual event. Furthermore, Brocamante believes that arts and culture, and projects like community murals, can help create opportunities for young people to contribute to their community and be a part of something. 

In addition to the unveiling of the mural that traces thousands of years of Chicano history of on Shady Lane in Coachella, the event's secondary component highlighted the stories of Cultural Treasures that exist in the Eastern Coachella Valley. Cultural Treasures can be defined as people, places, and events that are special and pertinent to the ECV. In addition to craft workshops put on by Maria Salazar, Maria Pozar, Natividad Gonzales and Silvia Santiago, and a culinary exposition, there were also performances by various Cultural Treasures,one of them Pedrito, a young boy from the Pure'pecha community who can sing the entire Mexican anthem in his native language of Pure'pecha. Maria, Domitila, Griselda and Gladys cooked food from various regions across Mexico. 

Overall, the Synergy Music & Arts Festival and the Celebration of Cultural Treasures brought the communities in the Eastern Coachella Valley and their artistic talents together. Thank you to all the people that made this event possible.  

For a complete list of all the Cultural Treasures that were identified, click here  

Synergy Fest-Coachella
Synergy Fest-Coachella


Coachella Uninc.

Video by, Alejandra Alarcon
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 "TCE Funding Alerts", is an online catalog of public and private funding opportunities linked to the priority outcomes of the 14 BHC sites.   The catalog contains timely and relevant information that can lead to new partnerships and resource development in your sites.  If you have any questions or suggestions, please send an email to Elaine Peacock or Josephine Chee





"California Endowment Board Member Offers Words of Wisdom to young people of the East Valley" 


We would like to thank California Endowment Board Member Hugo Morales for visiting the Eastern Coachella Valley. 
Morales spent the day meeting with young people at the Building Healthy Communities office.
Coachella Unincorporated reporter, Ivan Delgado, spoke about the need to tell the community's untold stories, citing one of his first assignments as a reporter - that of uncovering the story of a homeless man named "Ronnie". Delgado believes we need to understand people's pasts to understand the struggles they face in everyday life. He acknowledges that the opportunity to report on an unconventional media platform is rare, has been enlightening, and has helped determine his career path. Karen-len, a youth researcher for Raices Cultura and a member of the BHC Youth Council, spoke to the need for community spaces and organizations like Raices that inspire youth to share their artistic talent. 
Morales encouraged the young people at the table to continue working hard and take opportunities that will help them further their passion and career choices. 


Health Happens Here has Arrived!


by Robert K. Ross, M.D.
 President and CEO
   Oct 15, 2012


We're pretty excited here at The California Endowment. Our partnership with The California Museum in Sacramento has turned out a state-of-the-art, interactive exhibit that challenges our notions of where health really happens. Complete with seven high-tech games and two interactive stations, the exhibit is sure to get folks talking. 


Developed over a two-year period, the "Health Happens Here" exhibit reflects what our 14 Building Healthy Communities sites across the state are working to achieve: that every family, regardless of where they live or their income level, has access to affordable healthy foods and clean water, safe places to play and exercise, and schools that encourage students to be physically active throughout the day, are free of junk foods and junk drinks, and support common-sense discipline policies.


Can't make it Sacramento?  Check out the exhibit's website at


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