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September 3, 2019
BHA Office Hours This Week

Bald Head Association will be open today, Tuesday, September 3rd until 4pm. BHA will be closed on Wednesday and Thursday, though staff will be monitoring emails as long as power is intact. Friday's hours will be dependent on the ferry services resuming and conditions on the Island. 

If you have a general question, send an email to or for specific assistance, contact Carrie Moffett at
Hurricane Dorian Update #4

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From the Village's Public Information Officer-

Dear Residents, Property Owners and Friends:
The Village is currently under a State of Emergency and voluntary evacuation. Bald Head Island is currently under a hurricane watch.  Please read this message carefully as it has several pieces of information that are new and specific to the Village of Bald Head Island.
Hurricane Dorian Update
Key points from the latest National Weather Service (NWS) Wilmington, NC briefing:
Tropical storm force winds are likely, & hurricane force winds are possible too - especially along coastal areas.
  • The storm's closest approach will be Thursday & Dorian will bring a variety of impacts to the area.
  • These impacts could be greater, especially if the storm tracks closer to the coast - versus farther offshore.
  • Marginal risk for isolated tornadoes Wednesday night for portions of the upper SC coast.
  • The risk will extend from the upper SC coast to the southeast NC coastal areas Thursday.
  • Flash flooding is likely, especially Wednesday night through Thursday night, with 6 to 10 inches expected along coastal areas. Isolated amounts up to 15 inches are also possible.
  • Minor to moderate river flooding will be possible as a result, especially along the Cape Fear, Northeast Cape Fear, Black (in NC), and Waccamaw rivers.
  • The risk for storm surge is increasing and is likely to peak during Thursday. However, the amount of inundation is highly dependent on storm's track.
  • Building swells will continue to support strong rip currents and rough surf.
  • More severe marine conditions are possible, especially during Thursday.
The Village is monitoring the tides relative to the storm and at this point in time the conditions are favorable with a low tide as the storm is projected to pass.
Brunswick County will open two shelters Wednesday, Sept. 4 at 8 a.m. for residents in anticipation of Hurricane Dorian (locations below-both are pet friendly).  For more Brunswick County updates go HERE. Please be advised that these are the only public shelters that will be available in the County, there is not a shelter on the island.
North Brunswick High School:
114 Scorpion Drive, Leland, NC

West Brunswick High School:
550 Whiteville Road, Shallotte, NC
Village EOC
The Village Emergency Operations Center (EOC) is anticipated to be fully open tomorrow morning at 8:00 a.m. A phone bank will be opened concurrent with the opening of the EOC, the phone number will be released in a future message.
EOC Team met first thing this morning to continue with pre-storm planning and discuss, if based on any significant changes to the forecasted track with an increase in intensity (i.e. Cat 3), whether to issue a mandatory evacuation. The intensity of this storm has not increased to the level that the Village will issue a mandatory evacuation at this time.  In case there is a mandatory evacuation, and to answer questions from the public please read the following:
Property Owners (with structures on your property): Re-entry passes/cards are no longer used.  Property owners must register with the Village HERE.  The re-entry procedure, if required, will be determined based on a number of factors including guidance from the Emergency Operations Team, Mayor and the Public Safety Director.
Businesses: Re-entry passes/blue cards were not distributed this hurricane season. The Village is still collecting contact information for businesses, so if you represent a business on the island, please contact me ( so that you can be placed on the contact list for consideration of any re-entry.
Contractors: The Village is collecting contact information from contractors, that if identified as a Village asset and needed, will be contacted by the Village EOC for assistance with recovery efforts. If you can assist, please contact me ( and provide your  contact information along with your assets (equipment, number of workers, etc.) and capabilities.
Special Needs Individuals :  If you require special needs for medical conditions that may be affect you during this event,  please contact me ( or 910-457-9700 ext. 1025).
REMINDER: Please be aware that based on the Village's experience with Hurricane Florence last year, that if there is a mandatory evacuation, residents who remain on the island and who leave their property may be issued a citation and fine, and that a separate fine can beimposed per sighting. Village Public Safety resources are needed elsewhere during these events. A mandatory evacuation means that you are not guaranteed emergency services if you choose to stay.
REMINDER: The potential for loss of power, water, sewer, and communications (including VOIP phone, cable, cell service) is a possibility.  There also will be no options for transportation, whether it be the ferry (see update below) or golf cart as roads may likely become impassible with this storm. Standing water is also very likely and could create a potential health hazard and could be populated with alligators and snakes in unusual areas so kayaking, wading, etc. is not recommended. The Village has requested high water vehicles from the County EOC in preparation of this storm. These vehicles will be used, if supplied and needed, to assist Village Staff in restoring infrastructure so that re-entry can take place as quickly as possible.
Bald Head Island Transportation, Inc. has indicated that fe rry service will be impacted as early as Wednesday.  More certain time of last ferry departure from the island will be issued after 2:00 PM today.  They expect the ferry service will be curtailed throughout the day on Thursday and into Friday morning.
For the most up-to-date ferry schedule information you can visit their website HERE.
Village Pre-Storm Activities
Village Staff will continue preparations today.  This includes finishing up the removal of public trash receptacles, topping off equipment and generators with fuel, tying down items, and making sure equipment is running and spare parts are available. The Disaster Assessment Team is on standby and will be mobilized as soon as roads are passable after the storm.
Village Services - Please Review the Changes
Village Hall will be closed Wednesday and Thursday.  Friday's schedule is contingent upon ferry services resuming and conditions on the island.  Trash service just transitioned to once a week service following the end of season and the Labor Day holiday.  Green areas were picked up yesterday (Monday) and Waste Industries on the island today (Tuesday) to pick up the yellow areas. See map below. If you are in the green area and you cleaned out your refrigerator after trash was picked up yesterday (or if you are not sure) please email me ( and we will attempt to have Waste Industries pick up today before they leave the island for the week.

The Village Post Office and Island Package Services will be closed Wednesday and Thursday (sorry for the confusion they are open today until close of business) and may be impacted Friday. The Village will be in contact with the Southport post office and Deep Point Marina regarding the holding of mail and packages until the ferries and barges are re-opened after the storm. If you are expecting medications through the mail, please be aware that delivery may be impacted, and you may not receive your package on-time.
The Village will continue to inform you on the progress of this storm until its impacts no longer affect Bald Head Island.  
Thank you,
Carin Z. Faulkner
Village Public Information Officer
(910) 457-9700 ext. 1025
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