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September 2, 2019
BHA Office Hours This Week

Bald Head Association will be open on Tuesday, September 3rd during normal office hours of 8:30am - 4pm. BHA will be closed on Wednesday and Thursday. Friday's hours will be dependent on the ferry services resuming and conditions on the Island. 

Contact BHA at 910-457-4676 x21.
Hurricane Dorian Update #4

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From the Village's Public Information Officer-

Dear Residents, Property Owners and Friends:
As the threat of Hurricane Dorian comes closer, and the holiday weekend comes to an end, there are several items to report. 
Hurricane Dorian Update
Key points from the National Weather Service (NWS), Wilmington, NC conference call with Brunswick County Emergency services (1:00 p.m. today):
  • Currently Hurricane Dorian is nearly stationary over Grand Bahamas with winds of 155 miles per hour.
  • Hurricane Dorian is still expected to move up and skirt the coast.
  • NWS-Wilmington is waiting for the northerly turn to see more regarding the track.
  • Track confidence is increasing to a moderate level.
  • There is increasing rough surf today.
  • The earliest arrival for winds is Wednesday morning.
  • The most likely arrival of the hurricane in North Carolina is 6 a.m. Thursday.
  • Expected rainfall has increased from moderate to high (5-10 inches, with isolated 15 inches depending on the storm's track).
More information on Brunswick County plans can be found  HERE.
REMINDER: State of Emergency Declared - Voluntary Evacuation Ordered
Mayor Sayre has proclaimed a State of Emergency for the Village of Bald Head Island effective  9:00 a.m. this morning September 2, 2019.  This proclamation includes a voluntary evacuation of the Village of Bald Head Island and ordered all non-resident visitors to evacuate the Village effective immediately. A copy of the full proclamation can be found  HERE.
Village EOC
The Village Emergency Operations Center (EOC) will likely be activated tomorrow afternoon with a partial opening and eventual transition to a full EOC starting Wednesday morning throughout the duration of the storm. EOC Team personnel will be meeting first thing tomorrow morning to continue with pre-storm planning and discuss, if based on any significant changes to the forecasted track with an increase in intensity (i.e. Cat 3), whether to issue a mandatory evacuation.  Additionally, discussions on the potential need for a re-entry of island residents and procedures IF the Village must issue a mandatory evacuation.This includes planning for the return of businesses. If you represent a business on the island, please contact me ( so that you can be placed on the contact list.
Please be aware that based on the Village's experience with Hurricane Florence last year, that if there is a mandatory evacuation, residents who remain on the island and who leave their property may be issued a citation and fine, and that a separate fine can be imposed per sighting. Village Public Safety resources are needed elsewhere during these events. A mandatory evacuation means that you are not guaranteed emergency services if you choose to stay.
The potential for loss of power, water, sewer, and communications is a possibility.  There also will be no options for transportation, whether it be the ferry (see update below) or golf cart as roads may likely become impassible with this storm. Standing water is also very likely and could create a potential health hazard and could be populated with alligators and snakes in unusual areas so kayaking, wading, etc. is not recommended. The Village has requested high water vehicles from the County EOC in preparation of this storm. These vehicles will be used, if supplied and needed, to assist Village Staff in restoring infrastructure so that re-entry can take place as quickly as possible.
Bald Head Island Transportation, Inc. expects ferry service cancellation due to unsafe weather brought on by Hurricane Dorian. It is expected that the U.S. Coast Guard will close the river to all vessel traffic on Wednesday morning, possibly earlier.  These disruptions are expected to continue through Thursday and possibly into Friday.  For the most up-to-date ferry schedule information you can visit their website HERE.
Village Pre-Storm Activities
A contingency of Village Staff was on the island today to prepare for the effects of Hurricane Dorian. Some of today's activities included removal of items off the beach, trash collection of public trash bins, maintenance of stormwater culverts and basins, and continued preparations of pumps, hose, and fueling of generators.
Village Services
Village Hall will be closed Wednesday and Thursday.  Friday's schedule is contingent upon ferry services resuming and conditions on the island.  Trash service is canceled for this week.  The Village Post Office and Island Package Services will also be closed.
Village Website - Emergencies Web Page
The Village's web page for emergencies has been updated and includes important information such as links to the archives to the Village's Voice, links to other storm-related resources, and hurricane preparation tips for Bald Head Island residents. The Village's home page at has a pop-up to access the  emergencies web page or the link to the page can be found at the top right of the home page, click "Emergencies."
The Village of Bald Head Island utilizes an emergency notification system in cooperation with Brunswick County known as  CODE RED.  Village of Bald Head Island citizens can register HERE to receive emergency messaging and updates about specific events (i.e. hurricanes and/or tropical storms).  This system has been used in addition to the Village's Voice to send important messages via phone, email, and text. Registrants can choose which methods of contact they prefer.  The Village has already started using this notification system as of this morningin addition to the Village's Voice emails beginning with the State of Emergency declaration.  If your BHI address is not in the system, use the pin to locate your residence on the map.
The Village will continue to inform you on the progress of this storm until its impacts no longer affect Bald Head Island.  The next issue will be sent after the Emergency Operations Team meets tomorrow morning.
Thank you,
Carin Z. Faulkner
Village Public Information Officer
(910) 457-9700 ext. 1025
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