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August 31, 2019
Hurricane Dorian Information
Hurricane Dorian is passing by the Bahamas today and the National Hurricane Center predicts that it will slow down and make a northward turn as it approaches Florida late Monday and into Tuesday. Dorian is currently a major hurricane with winds at over 150pm (a catetory 4). The current track keeps the majority of rain offshore. 

As of now, landfall is a possibility mid-week next week for either South or North Carolina. That said, it is very early in the process and it is too soon to determine if, where and when Dorian might come ashore and what the impacts might be. Property owners should just be aware of the conditions and possibilities.

As always, the Village of BHI is working in concert with Brunswick County Emergency Services to monitor the storm and will send out information as appropriate. 

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In the meantime, property owners should make sure that their personal safety plans are completed - knowing what might need to be done in the event of a heavy rain/wind event and finalizing plans for temporary housing arrangements should the need arise. Even if the storm does shift to the east and not come ashore, BHI will still likely experience high winds, storm surge and heavy rains.

BHI Transportation announced today that ferry service will likely be impacted beginning on Wednesday and even through Thursday. Travel plans should be adjusted accordingly.

BHA will forward emergency information as it becomes available.
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