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September 10, 2018
Mandatory Evacuation Issued Immediately; Ferry Service Suspended Earlier than Previously Announced

A message from the Village of BHI from this evening:

"Effective IMMEDIATELY, the Village has issued a STATE OF EMERGENCY proclamation to include a " MANDATORY EVACUATION" for ALL island residents..., this effectively supersedes the voluntary evacuation ordered earlier today making it mandatory for ALL "Non-Residents" to evacuate the island NLT 10:30 a.m. tomorrow morning.
With the US Coast Guard Captain of the Ports (North Carolina) having adjusted their timeframe for setting future port conditions for Hurricane Florence which will close the Cape Fear River and IAWW to both commercial and private vessel traffic by 9:00 a.m. Wednesday September 12th, 2018, any opportunity for a mandatory evacuation must be made now to give island residents sufficient time in preparing to evacuate.  Current predictions based on the latest update from Brunswick County Emergency Services and National Weather Service indicate Florence to be a dangerous Category 4 hurricane at present with maximum winds of 140 mph.  The potential for life-threatening impacts including storm surge and wind impacts with risk for flooding continues to increase with the storm potentially making landfall as a major hurricane.
BHI Transportation, based on the revised ports condition timetable and closing of the river Wednesday morning, will be suspending their ferry service with the last ferry run departing BHI at 9:30 a.m. to allow time for relocation of ferries in safe harbor further up river.
For the most up to date ferry schedule information you can visit their website at  under the "General Information" tab then click "Announcements".
As indicated earlier, with a mandatory evacuation all permanent residents and property owners will be required to leave the island.  Please know that there will be NO Village services available including Public Safety as it pertains to Emergency Medical Service (EMS) response to any potential life-threatening situation.  Also, Utilities WATER PRODUCTION WILL BE SHUT DOWN starting at 9:00 a.m. Wednesday morning, effectively halting all distribution of "Potable Water" to island residences in addition to the collection of wastewater for treatment.
All permanent residents and property owners are strongly encouraged to adhere to this policy and to leave the island when directed to do so by the appropriate Village personnel.
  • The IPC and Post Office will be closed after tomorrow's regularly scheduled hours with all incoming mail to be held at the Southport Post Office until further notice.
  • Contractors by now should have taken necessary actions to make sure their respective job sites are secure of any loose items to include construction equipment and materials.  This includes those Contractors that have space at Contractor Services.  Having said, if you still have areas unsecure then tomorrow would be best used to get over to the island first thing to finish and then head back off island until after the event.
The Village's Voice is the current means by which the Village distributes important information in a quick & timely manner to the public.  The Village deems the information and content of the Village's Voice important and therefore it is equally important that the general public ensure they are receiving them.  With that said, please forward this e-mail to those in your contact list that you think may benefit from receiving it.  Click here to register for this service.  The Village thanks you in advance!
Chris McCall
Village Manager"
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