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MAY 2018 Update

IMPORTANT - General Data Protection Regulations

Do you want to continue to receive communication from BHRS!

The upcoming General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) legislation is making major changes in personal data protection and how organisations handle your data and how they communicate with you.

In order to continue to communicate with you as members, BHRS needs your active consent prior to 25th May 2018. Please confirm that you would like to receive content from us by clicking the link and sending an email with the word CONSENT. If you have already confirmed consent on a previous email you do not need to repeat this task again. 

NICOR CRM Activity Reporting

Please read this important information about NICOR reporting of data about your centre’s CRM activity.

NICOR is about to analyse the data for CRM device procedures in the UK for 2016/17. Your data may be incorrect, so it is important that your centre validates it before publication. Please note that the validation period will last just four weeks during May 2018. During that time you will have the opportunity to check and correct your submitted data. You will be asked to confirm online that you are satisfied that your data are correct or that they have been corrected.

BHRS Website Update
New members pages and content!

We are pleased to announce that the BHRS website has been updated with a new home page layout and format. There are now member’s only pages indicated by padlocks requiring a login name and password to view content.  

If you have not received your login details please email

Some of the new content and features available are listed below.

2 NEW summaries of clinical device trials have been added with more summaries to be uploaded over the next few months. 

Several presentations now populate these pages. 

Currently a patient guide to cybersecurity and firmware upgrade has been shared. More documents to come but needs members to contribute to the pages.  

Accessed easily on the home page quick links, there are now multiple protocols, guidelines and policies accessible to members provided by our arrhythmia nurse colleagues. There are also two new presentations available to view.  

A monthly feature aimed at providing an educational resource for members as well as providing members with an opportunity to develop skills in writing up a short case and trace article. Articles will have a case background, trace and question accessible to all users. Answers and an explanation are accessible to members only. 

April and May's Challenge are currently available:
 Please consider sharing your knowledge, resources and local protocols. Follow the guidance on submitting materials below. If you would like to contribute to the ECG/EGM challenge feature please contact

Guidance on submitting materials to the BHRS website Click here.

BHRS Research Update

The inaugural BHRS multicentre trials group (MCTG) meeting took place on the 24 th April. The purpose of the group is to create a collaborative trials network for Electrophysiologists and Device specialists to formulate and complete clinical studies and trials at scale, benefiting from collaborative working across the UK.

There is a new Research section on the website for members only where the BHRS with permission plan to publish study and trial protocols for members to view, raising awareness of ongoing national research.

The most recently added protocols are for SOLVE CRT and Predict VFII

Latest Council Meeting Minutes

Council Meeting Minutes from 22 nd February 2018
Council Meeting Minutes from 25 th April 2018
Coming soon

See what your council discuss and debate on your behalf. We welcome any comments about the minutes and action points which we can then take back to Council. Please send these via email to

NEW Editorial Articles
·          AF and Alcohol (18/04/2018)
·          High DFT and No Simple Solution (18/04/2018)
·          Non Invasive Ablation of VT (21/01/2018)

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Other NEWS
·          BHRS have recently become a member of and are now represented on the Academy of Health Care Science (AHCS) Professional Council.

·          The BHRS have a new Facebook page here . Over the coming months we hope to use both Twitter and Facebook to improve communication with members.

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