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JANUARY 2018 Update
·          REVISED standards - Implantation and Follow Up of CRM Devices in Adults
·          NEW standards - Minimal data set for CIED identification cards
·          Cardiac Physiologist Workforce - STP Survey

·          Change to Membership Fee
·          NEW for BHRS Certification - Presentations, Past paper, Logbook Submissions
·          Boston Scientific Field Safety Notice and MDA notification
·          LATEST Council Meeting Minutes - 7th December 2017
·          NEW Changes to the Website - Opportunity for members!
·          NEW and latest Editorial Articles - Three new articles available
·         Fellowship Opportunities - Are you looking for a Fellowship?
·          NEW Contact information

REVISED Standards

The BHRS have revised the standards document for CRM Devices previously released in April 2017. The New document contains two new paragraphs providing recommendations that CRM device implanting centres have agreements and arrangements in place that allow their patient’s access to MRI scanning. See paragraphs 5.2.i. (page 4) and 6.2.g. (page 7) for details.

Click here for a link to the revised document

NEW Standards

NEW standards document titled ‘Minimal data set for plastic CIED identification cards’

Cardiac Physiology Workforce STP Survey

Do you or have you had involvement with the Scientist Training Programme (STP)?

The National School of Healthcare Science are reviewing the design and structure of the Scientist Training Programme. Have your say on its future development. Please follow the link and complete the survey. Closing date 4 th February 2018

Click here for more information

Change to Membership Fees

Many of you will have read the recent notification that the BHRS have changed the membership fee structure.

We have received a number of queries and concerns about the recent change. This statement seeks to clarify the reasoning behind the move

BHRS Certification

  • NEW link to past HRC presentations for exam prep (Click here) 

Please not the submission email address is

Boston Scientific Field Safety Notices
Many of you will be aware that Boston Scientific has released two field safety notices reporting technical programming information for specific pacemaker and defibrillator models. One of these has resulted in a medical device alert (MDA) notification.

Field Safety Notice - Technical programming information

·          Left ventricular (LV) offset interaction on cardiac resynchronisation therapy pacemakers (CRT-Ps) and defibrillators (CRT-Ds)

·          Minute Ventilation Sensor

Medical Device Alert (MDA) Notification

·          Pacemakers and CRT-P - oversensing of minute ventilation sensor signal leading to risk of syncope and pre-syncope


Latest Council Meeting Minutes

Latest Council Meeting Minutes from 7 th December 2017

See what your Council discuss and debate on your behalf. We welcome any comments about the minutes and action points which we can then take back to Council.
Please send these via email to

BHRS Website Changes

Over the next few months we will be updating the BHRS website. Plans include;

·          Layout and format changes to improve the user’s experience
·          Members only pages requiring a login which will unlock specific content
·          New features, educational content and an updated resource page

We are also looking at including a member’s forum for open discussions however this is not yet confirmed
Opportunity for BHRS members!

With the imminent changes due the BHRS would like you to consider sharing any personal resources which could be included in the members access only pages including;

·          Educational materials
·          Presentations
·          Local standard operation policies and guidelines

Our hope is that materials submitted and shared can be used to advance learning and knowledge amongst members. Shared policies and guidelines will also provide a reference or guidance to those members writing or developing documents for local practice. We hope materials submitted will promote good clinical and safe practice and high quality patient care.  

In preparation for this opportunity the BHRS have created a brief guide detailing the procedure to follow and the process involved for submitting materials to the website. See the link below.
Guidance on submitting materials to the BHRS website (Click here)

NEW and Latest Editorial Articles

·          Non invasive ablation of VT (21/01/2018)
·          Risk Stratification in Asymptomatic Brugada Patients (16/01/2018)
·          Unexplained syncope and bundle branch block: an electroencephalogram diagnosis (16/01/2018)
·          Acquired QT prolongation and Torsades de Pointes: a review and case report (27/11/2017)

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For physicians in training check out the latest fellowship opportunities displayed on the BHRS website

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