Barrington High School Alumni Association
An update from the BHSAA: January 12, 2022
Dear BHS Alumni,

Would you like to share your education and career path with current Barrington High School students? What is a typical day like for you in your career? BHS is looking to partner with alumni willing to assist students in career exploration. There are two ways you can participate:
Career TREKS and Career Chats
Career Treks are "career field trips" that connect students with employers in the employer's real-world work setting. Students receive a "behind the scenes" look at organizations and the variety of careers that exist for them. In-person field trips (to visit your place of employment), virtual career chats via Zoom or in-person career chats at the high school are available. If you are interested in participating, please contact BHS Career Advisor Marie Mirabella at The time commitment can be as little as one hour!
2022 Summer Internships
Is your company interested in partnering with BHS to host a summer intern? BHS is looking for sites that are willing to host an intern as part of a 2022 Summer Pre-Professional Internship Class. BHS is currently looking for opportunities in the following areas: Healthcare, Marketing, Engineering, Computer Science, IT, Law, Fashion and Medical-in a doctor’s office. Be a mentor to a student, help develop skills and talents for your industry, and make a difference in your community. Click here for more information.
Barrington High School Alumni Association