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  February 10, 2016  

BIA News
BIA What's this?

We're kicking off our new newsletter to provide you with information, as rate payers, on the services and tips to keep Broadway clean and safe.
New faces at the BIA

Welcome to our new staff and board of the Broadway BIA- Sierra Hansen, Danielle Jones, and Megan Conville. Feel free to reach out and say hi- we don't bite!
Help us improve Broadway

Swinging into the new year has been hectic! We've been out and about to our businesses for the past month but, in case we missed you, here's a survey that will help us learn more about the business district questions and concerns.
Tips and Tricks
Recology- Clean and Safe Collection

Looks like we managed to dodge snow for this year, but in case we get our annual snowfall, check out some tips from our service provider, Recology, to ensure safe collections.
Visit for updates and storm related collection tips.

Speaking of Recology...

Let's take a look at where your rate dollars went:

Find It, Fix It

This app is a new platform to report a variety of issues to the City of Seattle. It is available for Android and iOS.

Upcoming Events
Small Businesses Luncheon
March 17 
Seattle Central Community College

Come join us for a luncheon with other small business owners with food made by the Seattle  C ulinary Academy .

Tickets are $25
RSVP required

Sound Transit Light Rail Opening
March 19 
Corner of Denny and Broadway

The Sound Transit Light Rail is opening! Be able to travel for Capitol Hill to UW in four minutes. Join us for launch day celebrations with a street festival on Capitol Hill. Spend $5 or more at twelve select local businesses and fill out an "enter to win" form to be in the running for a golden ticket to be on the first ride from Capitol Hill! Keep an eye out on our Facebook page for the listing of these twelve businesses.

State of the Hill
April 20 

Let's celebrate this past year with local Capitol Hill businesses! Come meet other small business owners and hear about a recap of the year and what's to come. 

Questions or Comments?
If you would like to connect with the Broadway with any questions or comments, please contact Sierra Hansen or Danielle Jones at If you send us an email, we would be happy to follow up with the City of Seattle.

For more information on the BIA!
1620 12th Avenue, Suite 204, Seattle, WA 98122,  (206) 328-6646