Dear Members:
BIA-LAV, BIASC and the Building Industry Legal Defense Foundation (BILD) have continued legal proceedings with the City of Ventura, regarding the City's decision to impose a “Net Zero fee” requiring new development to offset their water or pay an in-lieu fee of nearly $27,000 per acre-foot of demand. Trial began on Monday, January 28 th  (postponed from December 3 rd ).
Both sides presented their case, deliberating all day until 6:30PM. Next, the judge is required to issue a decision in 90 days, unless he/she asks to clarify issues via an additional briefing and/or additional hearing during the same time period . We understand the odds to be 50/50 that the judge will ask for more; this could be in briefing form, or to deliberate once again, which would mean another court date.

BIALAV continues to advise members to make any Net Zero fees “in protest”. We will provide any new updates as they develop. Click below for the link to our official complaint filed with the court.

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