May 7, 2020
As previously reported, the Judicial Council of California issued an emergency rule that tolls all statutes of limitations from April 6 to 90 days after the Governor declares that the COVID-19 state of emergency is lifted. Under normal circumstances, the statutes of limitations for challenging land use development projects are exceedingly and intentionally short – 30, 35, or 90 days.

Unless it is amended, Emergency Rule No. 9 could impose a de facto indefinite hold on housing developments that are desperately needed to address California’s housing crisis.

To address these concerns the Judicial Council issued a proposal to only toll statute of limitations from April 6 to June 15. All other civil claims with longer statutes of limitations would be tolled until October 1. If adopted, the timeline on CEQA claims will resume on June 15. Comments are due back to the Council by May 8th. Click here for more information under the " Emergency Rules Related to COVID-19 " heading.