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Friday, May 1, 2020

By now you've seen or heard the Governor's 10 rules for reopening businesses this month. Several industries are allowed to reopen although it won't be business as usual. The Governor's Healthy at Work plan includes requirements such as social distancing, on site health checks, and limited face to face meetings - all things that those of you that have been working for the past 10 weeks have been doing.

As we enter this next phase, make sure that you maintain those levels of social distancing, cleaning, health checks, and staggered sub contractors to limit exposure to COVID-19. Our industry has been an exceptional example of how we can continue working through a pandemic - now is not the time to lessen your dedication to maintaining a safe job site.

At the BIA, we'll follow the Governor's 10 rules for reopening and begin our return to the office on May 18. We all look forward to the day when we can hold in person committee meetings, networking events and visit with our members.

As always, if you have specific concerns or requests, please do not hesitate to email or call me.

Be safe,

J uva

Juva Barber
BIA of Greater Louisville
502 458 0032 - mobile
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Contact: Chris Hickman                                                             FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 5/1/20
Company: Kentucky AGC Self Insurers’ Fund
Phone: (502) 245-2007

Kentucky AGC Self Insurers’ Fund Launches COVID-19 Loss Mitigation Initiative
LOUISVILLE, KY : The Kentucky Associated General Contractors Self Insurers’ Fund is pleased to announce the COVID-19 Loss Mitigation Initiative . The initiative seeks to assist members in mitigating risk and minimizing losses by providing a 3-month relief period where members will receive checks based upon, and equal to, 25% of their normal premiums paid for April, May and June. The initiative applies to all active members with no qualifying restrictions. 

“The Kentucky AGC-SIF has always placed a strong emphasis on workplace safety and health. The COVID-19 Loss Mitigation Initiative is an opportunity to financially encourage the expansion of investment in safety for thousands of Kentucky’s construction companies,” said Mike Kegley, Chairman of the Board.
The launch of the COVID-19 Loss Mitigation Initiative follows the distribution of $12.9 million in dividends and tax in March of 2020, representing 26% of the premiums paid in for the 2015 policy year. Over 97% of the membership qualified for a dividend payment.

About the Kentucky AGC Self Insurers Fund
Since its inception in 1979, the Kentucky AGC-SIF has grown to one of the largest providers of workers’ compensation insurance in the state of Kentucky, and the only carrier solely dedicated to the construction industry. The Kentucky AGC-SIF has earned an A- (Excellent) rating from the A.M. Best Company and boasts 26 consecutive years of returning dividends to its membership totaling nearly $200 million. The Kentucky AGC-SIF is exclusively endorsed by the Associated General Contractors of KY, the Associated General Contracts of Western KY, the Builders Exchange of Kentucky, the Home Builders Association of KY, the Kentucky Association of Highway Contractors, the Kentucky Association of Master Contractors, and the Kentucky Crushed Stone Association.  

COVID-19 Loss Mitigation Initiative – Check Letter

In alignment with its mission to provide peace of mind to companies through managing risk and helping workers and their families recover from the hardship of unexpected events, the Kentucky AGC Self Insurers’ Fund (the Fund), one of the largest workers’ compensation insurance providers in the state of Kentucky, and the only insurer solely dedicated to the construction industry through exclusive endorsements from its seven (7) sponsoring Trade Associations, is pleased to announce the COVID-19 Loss Mitigation Initiative.

As we all grapple with the measures enacted to prevent the spread of COVID-19, it has never been more important than right now to bring safety and loss mitigation clearly into focus. With resources spread thinly across nearly every organization, we understand the unique challenges our members face in complying with the prevention measures. To that end, the COVID-19 Loss Mitigation Initiative seeks to:

  • Provide a ONE-TIME monetary relief period intended to assist members in mitigating risk and minimizing losses during the COVID-19 crisis
  • Apply to all active members with no qualifying restrictions
  • Issue checks each month for three (3) months based upon, and equal to, 25% of their normal premium paid in for April, May, and June (Note: annual members will receive amounts based upon one quarter of their annual premium)

Members do not need to take any action in order to receive a mitigation payment beyond simply reporting their normal monthly payroll and premium payments.

In closing, we would like to thank the Kentucky Department of Insurance for their quick and decisive approval of the COVID-19 Loss Mitigation Initiative during this unprecedented crisis. This initiative is a testimony to the ability of the private and public sector to collaborate successfully in a time of great uncertainty. With an A.M. Best rating of A- “Excellent”, the Fund stands ready to assist members well into the future through proven financial strength, innovation, and adaptability. Together, we will persevere. For more information, you may contact the Fund Office at (800) 928-7135.

On Wednesday, Gov. Beshear said that as long as Kentucky keeps up the fight against the coronavirus with promising results, the following business sectors are in line to restart:

  • May 11 – Manufacturing, construction, vehicle and vessel dealerships, professional services (at 50% of pre-outbreak capacity), horse racing (without spectators), pet grooming and boarding
  • May 20 – Retail, houses of worship
  • May 25 – Social gatherings of no more than 10 people, barbers, salons, cosmetology businesses and similar services
Healthy at Work Reopening Process for Kentucky

During the Healthy at Work phases, the Department for Public Health will evaluate individual businesses’ ability to safely reopen. Industry groups and trade associations are encouraged to communicate with and gather input from their membership to develop and  submit reopen proposals  on behalf of their members. Individual businesses may submit via the  online reopen form . All proposals will be evaluated according to White House guidelines and other public health criteria. This step will ensure that Kentucky businesses are able to comply with public health protocols and  CDC  guidelines.

Kentucky Department of Public Health | Guidance on Cloth Face Masks

  • The novel coronavirus causing COVID-19 can be spread through saliva and nasal secretions produced by coughs, sneezes, singing, and talking. o
  • Social distancing measures remain the primary and most effective steps to reduce the spread of COVID-19. Wearing a mask of any sort does NOT replace state-required social distancing measures, including maintaining a >6 – 10 feet distance from other people. o
  • In settings where essential activities make social distancing more difficult to maintain (i.e. performing essential services or in stores), the CDC advises that wearing a cloth face mask may help reduce the spread of COVID-19. o Cloth masks do not have the proper design or necessary materials to filter out virus particles and therefore do not ensure you will not become infected by COVID-19. o
  • Wearing a cloth face mask may, however, reduce the risk of someone infected with COVID-19 unknowingly spreading the infection during the period of time after they have become infected but before they have developed symptoms (possibly 2 or more days). o
  • Therefore, wearing a cloth face mask in public when social distancing > 6 – 10 feet apart is difficult may help reduce the risk of COVID-19 spreading. o When wearing a cloth face mask, you must not touch your face. o When wearing a cloth face mask, you must still maintain social distancing. o
  • Do not wear surgical masks or N95 masks. Those scarce resources must be reserved for healthcare workers and first responders who face high-risk COVID-19 patients numerous times every day. o
  • This is a voluntary public health measure for Team Kentucky

Membership Committee Meeting | Membership Drive Call Day!

Date: Tuesday, May 5, 2020
Time: 10:00 AM Eastern Time (US and Canada)
Via Zoom Call

If you would like to participate in the Membership Drive Call Day, please contact Natalie before Tuesday and she will add you to the list - Natalie@bialouisville.com
L and Development Committee Meeting

Date: Wednesday, May 6, 2020
Time: 10:00 AM Eastern Time (US and Canada)
Via Zoom Call
Please email Robin for meeting instructions: Robin@bialouisville.com
Continue to check our BIA COVID-19 FAQ page on our website for a quick reference to some of your questions. We will continue to update this information: https://bialouisville.com/faq-covid-19/
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As a reminder, our office will remain closed and staff will be working remotely until further notice. We will continue to assess the situation and follow recommendations from the CDC, the Governor’s office, the Kentucky Department of Health, as well as the Mayor’s office and Louisville Metro Department of Public Health & Wellness.
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