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is looking for Members to join their
Advisory Council

Friday, August 30, 2019

The Community Options Waiver (CO Waiver)is looking for member to join their advisory council and it would be great if there was some representation from the brain injury community to ensure that the need of people with brain injury are considered in program and policy changes.

The vast majority of individuals with a brain injury who participate in Medicaid Home and Community Based Services get their services through programs other than the Brain Injury Waiver Program, including the Community Options Waiver. 

The Community Options Waiver Advisory Council is required to be over half consumers and caregivers. 

If you or your family member have had experience participating the CO Waiver, applying for the CO Waiver, or are a former participant of the CO Waiver, consider nominating yourself or someone else so that you can share your experience.  

Nomination forms for the Community Options Advisory Council are currently being accepted.

The deadline to submit a nomination form
is Friday, August 30, 2019.

Nominations should be submitted to the Department via e-mail to Attention: Carrie Goodman

To Download the Nomination form - CLICK HERE

This is another place we in the brain injury community need our voices heard and a great opportunity to support everyone in our state working to create a community where all can thrive.