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5) The Brain is like a...Muscle?

After back surgery three years ago, 31-year-old environmental scientist Danielle Cemprola had become a frustrated runner, suffering from a sense that she might never return to her former level of performance. Having run 44 marathons pre-surgery and six after, she had all but given up on eking anything more from the physical side of training. That’s when she decided to work on her mental game, something she says has made all the difference as she preps for an upcoming marathon.

While elite athletes have long honed their mental skills, Cemprola, who lives in Greenville, S.C., is joining a growing number of amateurs delving into the power of the mind. These athletes are working on their confidence, motivation and the mind-body connection to overcome obstacles and reach new heights. “Finding the limit of your potential as an athlete involves proper mental training along with the physical,” says Joanna Zeiger, former Olympic triathlete and author of a book on mental toughness called “The Champion Mindset.”

Some of this increased focus on mental training stems from the fact that some amateur runners are approaching a finish line of sorts. “As athletes, we’re at the point of marginal returns from physiological sports enhancement,” says Brad Stulberg, journalist, columnist and co-author of the upcoming book “Peak Performance.” “So the next legal [non-doping] frontier is the mind.”

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4) Maryland's Traumatic Brain Injury Advisory Board has THREE openings for new Board Members. Will You Be Willing to Help Shape Maryland's Brain Injury Policies? 

The State Traumatic Brain Injury Advisory Board was authorized in October 2005 (Chapter 306, Acts of 2005; Chapter 236, Acts of 2008). The Board charge is to investigate the needs of citizens with traumatic brain injuries; identify gaps in services to them; and facilitate collaboration among organizations and State government agencies that provide services to these individuals.

This group convenes 6 times a year to discuss and draft a report which is later submitted to the Governor and the Leadership of Maryland's General Assembly. In the past, these recommendations have lead to changes in policies and the passage of important statewide legislation. The Board, Its Recommendations, and its reports are only as good as the volunteers serving on the Board.  

Please consider applying to serve.

To submit an application for these positions, CLICK HERE

To review the Board's 2016 report, CLICK HERE. 

To find out more, you can contact the Brain Injury Association of Maryland at 800.221.6443. 
3)  Are You Ready for Summer Sports?

Get prepared for the summer season.

HEADS UP Concussion in Youth Sports is a free, newly revised online course available to coaches, parents, and others helping to keep athletes safe from concussion.

To Take the Free Concussion Training Course, CLICK HERE
  2) What We Are Reading That You Might Enjoy...

Conventional medicine treats symptoms, not systems. Chances are you’re being treated for your health issues from the outside in, in ways that only mask the real problems.

Dr. Rob Silverman thinks differently. A practitioner of functional nutrition, he believes that healing and vibrant good health come from a holistic approach. In Inside-Out Health: A Revolutionary Approach to Your Body, he shows you exactly how to turn your health around in an entirely new and different way.

Take charge and improve your wellbeing with actionable steps you can do yourself, starting now. The inside-out solutions Dr. Rob presents are simple, cost-effective, and use no drugs. They're the answer to long-term health issues and the path to a healthy, happy, disease-free future.

For More, CLICK HERE. 

  (If you decide to buy anything mentioned in #5ThoughtsFriday, don't forget to use  Amazon Smile  and select the Brain Injury Association of Maryland as your donation beneficiary.) 
1) Quote We Are Contemplating...

“The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide that you are not going to stay where you are.”

                                                         ― J.P. Morgan
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