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5) B IAMD Celebrates the life
of a Great Friend by Dedicating this year's Scarecrow Classic 5k and 1 Mile Walk to Chris Burdette
Chris was assaulted in August 1, 2010 and sustained a severe traumatic brain injury. He was in several hospitals for an entire year. In July 2011, he was discharged from Kernan Hospital and was transferred to a day program and group home run by Mary T Maryland. In January 2014, he suffered a grand mal seizure which was caused by a brain abscess. After a stay at UMMS, he returned to Kernan for more therapy was discharged back to Mary T.  During 2015, Chris was diagnosed with several infections and seizures - he was in and out of hospitals a total of nine times. In 2016, he was in various hospitals 16 times and was placed on the liver transplant list. 

After several more infections in January 2017, he was no longer eligible to return to the group home at Mary T because of his unstable medical condition. Chris was admitted to two nursing homes for 4 months and was recommended for long term nursing care. However, he was accepted by Neurorestorative, another day program and group home. While he was there, he was in the hospital six times for infections and in October 2017, he went into shock and was transferred to UMMS intensive care unit. In January 2018, he was transferred to Manor Care nursing home. On February 14, he was unresponsive and was taken to the St. Agnes Hospital Intensive Care Unit. 

He never regained consciousness and died on February 26, 2018. 

Throughout all of the trauma, illnesses, and setbacks, he kept his sunny disposition and sense of humor – making friends with those who took care of him in and out of the hospitals and nursing homes.

He was faithful and loving to family and friends – devoted to his sisters, Suzanne and Amy. He was always calling his Dad for help with crossword puzzles or history or his Mom for recipes and cooking help.  

His friends are many from all parts of his life – childhood, high school, college, work. Many kept in touch with us during his long struggle – he was known to many as Big Bird, Birdman, or simply Burd. 

He was a standout runner for Mt. St. Joseph HS and made the All-Metro Cross Country Team – which was featured in the Baltimore Sun – and he didn’t start his running career until he was a Junior in high school. He continued running on teams at UMBC and Towson University.

Then he found his passion in cooking and worked at several restaurants, the last one was Woodberry Kitchen in North Baltimore (unfortunately because of his brain injury, he had no memory of working there). He loved cooking for friends and creating new recipes. After a long, tiring shift cooking, Chris would make a special dish for the kitchen staff.
He loved the Orioles and was never seen without his O’s hat – his favorite player was Eddie Murray. 

Everyone who took care of Chris loved him for his intelligence, sense of humor and respect for others. They all learned his special fist bump – from doctors to nurses to therapists, aides and housemates. His battle was long and hard fought to the end – he recovered time after time. Now he is free from the suffering and can rest in peace.
SEPTEMBER 30, 2018
Scarecrow Classic 5k/1Mile

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When he was 8 years old, Tyler Cornell proudly put on shoulder pads and a big helmet for the first time as he joined the Pop Warner Little Scholars football team in Rancho Bernardo, California.

For the next 10 seasons, his mother, Jo Cornell, spent hours on the sidelines watching her only child play peewee tackle football organized by Pop Warner, the largest U.S. youth football league. Her son loved the game and all that came with it— the friendship, the teamwork, the adrenaline rush.

He played for the Pop Warner team until he switched to the high school team, where he played on the line, taking down countless opponents, enduring countless hits to the head. Right before leaving for the University of California at Santa Barbara, Tyler Cornell changed.

He started struggling with depression and anxiety. He became impulsive and moody. He’d start a semester only to be hospitalized for mental health issues. Eventually, he transferred to the University of California at San Diego, which was closer to home.

But on April 3, 2014, after seven years of struggles, 25-year-old Tyler died by suicide.

CLICK HERE to find out more about rethinking Youth Football.
Journaling is a powerful tool that can help sharpen your brain and mind so that you can become more successful, think more clearly, and reach their goals.

Journaling is one of the top strategies that contribute to many entrepreneurs and high achievers’s success inside and outside the workplace.

Maybe you’re unsure of how to get started with the habit of journaling, or maybe you’re looking for ideas for using journal to sharpen their brain to maximize your productivity and happiness.

In this article, we’ll look at the top 15 journal ideas you can use to sharpen your brain:

1. Set a structure for your journal

If the idea of opening a blank journal and trying to figure out what to write for the day seems daunting to you, then have no fear. One of the simplest ideas to avoid having to think about what to write about in your journal is to create a structure that works well for you.

First, think about what your goal is with journaling. Is it to increase your productivity? Be more creative? De-stress?
Knowing the reason why you are journaling will help you create a structure for your own journal. You can create a list of questions that you want to answer every day or action steps.

For example, you may structure your journal like this:
  • What am I grateful for today? (Give 5 meaningful examples)
  • What are the top 3 tasks I need to accomplish today?
  • What goals am I currently working towards?
  • How do I want to better myself today?

Get inspiration from other people who journal and start implementing the structure that works best for you. Having a set structure that you use every day can make journaling more effective and easier to stick with.

CLICK HERE for 14 more ways to jumpstart your journal and your brain!
BIAMD had a Rare, Gold Medal Treat This Week
This week, BIAMD had the rare opportunity of meeting up with Team Great Britain's 2016 Olympic Field Hockey Gold Medalist Shona McCallin. She was in town as part of a promotional tour for Baltimore based STX. Shona sustained a severe concussion in February which forced her to miss representing Great Britain in her first Commonwealth Games and first World Cup earlier this year. She is working hard on her recovery and bravely taking a stand for her own long-term health by continuing her training while also speaking out about her concussion and rehabilitation. Follow her on Twitter @SMcallin or her blog. We wish Shona all the best and look forward to following her in all her future successes!
2) What We Are Reading We Think You Might Enjoy

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When a harrowing heart attack and cardiac arrest robbed Alan's brain of vital oxygen, he lost his abilities to read, write, walk, talk, think, and remember. In a flash, the successful physics professor became a brain injury survivor struggling to relearn everything he once knew. So began a seven year journey of intensive rehabilitation, combined with shaping a new identity, marriage, and life.

Above all, "Professor Cromer Learns to Read" is a love story about a marriage that transforms and triumphs, but is never defeated by catastrophic illness. In a memoir brimming with information, Janet explores the mysteries and miracles of their new world from her perspective as Alan's wife, Interpreter of the World, and rehab partner. Alan shares his eloquent tour of the shattered and healing universe inside his brain.

The couple's process of graciously and grudgingly accepting the roles of chronically ill person and caregiver will resonate with many families. The universality of their situation transcends ages and diseases to salute
the human spirit.

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1) Quote We Are Contemplating...

"Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible."


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